"Oops!"..... "Hi"?

(Y/n) is a 25 year old girl who recently moved to LA to live with her best friend Easton. One day (y/n) decided to go to the local market to shop. In a hurry to get home she bumps into a guy. Little does she know that her whole world is about to be turned upside down.


1. Moving Day

(y/n) P.O.V

  Today is the day that my new life begins. My parents and I are heading to the airport ( I am a little nervous I have never flown in a plane and now I'm flying all the way to L.A.). On the way there my parents asked me about my plans and how I would be getting money ya know all the normal parent talks you get. Although, I don't really even think of my self as a grown up I mean I'm only 25. Anyways besides all the grown up talk I also sang along to the radio pretty much the whole way.                      [outfit down below]  

      Finally we made it to the airport after what felt like the longest car ride ever. My dad helped me get my bags while my mom was starting to cry which made me start to tear up too. I was the oldest of four kids and was the first to officially move out. It was a big change for my whole family. I quickly ran over to my mom and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I soon did the same to my dad. I then waved one last goodbye with tears going down my cheeks yelling I love you and them yelling it back. After that I turned around, dried my tears, took a deep breath, and got on the plane. "This is it," I thought to my self.    The plane finally landed after a 10 hour flight. I was exhausted, I walked over and got my bags then, looked around for my best friend. I heard someone calling my name so i quickly turned around to see my friend jumping up and down. I ran yelling Easton and jumped into her arms. People were giving us weird looks but we could careless. Its been two whole years sincei last saw her, I had missed her so much!!   After the reunion we rolled my bags to her car and put them in the back then hopped in the front. Her car is so cute its a chocolate brown convertible bug with a pink steering wheel. The whole way to her apartment we talked and sang/danced to the radio. It was great! after about a 30 minute drive we pulled into her apartment complex and carried all my stuff inside. It was so pretty and cute inside her apartment. I had to take a picture here it is..   [Also this is what Easton looks like]





Let the adventure begin ;)


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