"Oops!"..... "Hi"?

(Y/n) is a 25 year old girl who recently moved to LA to live with her best friend Easton. One day (y/n) decided to go to the local market to shop. In a hurry to get home she bumps into a guy. Little does she know that her whole world is about to be turned upside down.


2. First Night Out

​(y/n) P.O.V

   ​I woke up to the sound of a bang. I quickly got up to see what is was to my amusement it was Easton in the floor she had fallen out of her bed. I busted out laughing at the site she then quickly yelled "QUIT LAUGHING AND HELP ME UP"! So I did just that while still laughing a little :p but what wasn't funny was when we were walking out of her room I tripped on the carpet which made her laugh and yell "CARMA". I couldn't help but laugh at my self because it was pretty funny. So pretty much the first few minutes of the morning consisted of us on the floor laughing at each other and ourselves.   {a few hours later} I had just gotten out of the shower and was trying to decide what to wear because Easton is taking me to her favorite little coffee shop for some lunch.  I finally decided on something cute but comfy nothing too fancy. [outfit below] The fancy clothes came later tonight when we go to a party.  

             ​The coffee shop was so cute and right across from it was a market. After we ordered our sandwiches we went and sat in a booth next to the window. As I was talking to Easton a cute boy walked over to us and gave us our food. I looked at Easton with one raised eyebrow and her face turned bright red. I suddenly realized why this was her favorite coffee shop. When he walked away I asked her about all the details. She said, "His name is Colton, he 24, and she has a giant crush on him". I told her to go get his number but she wouldn't go up to him without me so I said I fine. Thankfully, we hadn't ordered drinks and had a reason to go back up to the counters. We both ordered and waited up at the bar area.

  Colton brought our drinks to us and I bumped Easton she looked at me and whispered fine but before she could say anything her turned back to us and said "I'm not really suppose to do this at on duty but if been wanting to ask Easton out since the first day she came. So what do you say Easton want to go on a date with me"? (Author's note Easton is the blonde one and the other person is you just imagine she looks like you because I needed to use this picture haha. Love ya lots!!)

                                                                                   Easton's P.O.V

   I couldn't believe what I was hearing my dream boy just asked me out!!! I looked at him and said yes! He had a big smile on his face he then proceeded to hand me the receipt which had a heart and his number. I was so happy!! After that exciting moment (y/n) and I headed home. We had to get ready for our big night I was taking her out to show her how us Cali girls party!!


(y/n) P.O.V

*hours later* It was finally time to go out and party hard I was so excited!! We both showered and helped each other pick out outfits FINALLY we were ready and looking hot!    [ Outfits, Easton's is the dress and yours is the one with shorts]  



We decided on a gold and black look. We hopped into her car and headed to her friends party which is being held at a club. When we walked in it seemed like all eyes were on us and we liked it. It turns out Easton's so called "friend" was Colton. I laughed to my self it seems cute little coffee shop guy knows how to party. Easton ran off with him and they danced all night long (after a few drinks of course haha they were both crazy). Me on the other hand went to the bar and grabbed a little drink for free from the handsome bar tender ( a little charm goes a long way ;p).

   So I couldn't drink a whole lot because I'm the designated driver. I was fine with that because I'm not a big drinker anyway. After I left the bar I joined everyone on the dance floor and we danced all night long! The party ended at 2 a.m. I had to practically carry Easton out of the club. She was... well lets just say she had quite a few drinks haha. She laughed and sang the whole way home and kept poking me (it was very annoying but ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes). As soon as we walked in the house she crashed so I had to carry her to her bed. Then I went ans through on my pjs and hopped in the bed. I thought to my self " tonight was a great night and drifted off to sleep".


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