Crimson's Journey

Crimson thought she was living a normal life. She thought it was normal that her whole life was full of darkness and her mother. But one day, she figures out the only woman who she has ever known wasn't her real mother, and she has to escape to find the family she was taken away from. All she knows is the knowledge that was given by her mother and that to always to keep on her gloves no matter what. But what happens when she meets Eevee changing her destiny forever....


2. Chapter Two

I watched as Dex pressed a button on the door gate.

" Who is it?" A voice came out of a little box.

Isn't that what they called a speaker? Or possibly a walkie talkie? I remember reading about them.

" It's me uncle Sid," Dex said," let me in please."

" Ok Dex," Mr. Storm said.

The gates opened by their selves.

" Amazing," I watched them.

" You must come from a small home," Dex commented.

More like a small life.

We walked a brick path way to a grand mansion.

A magnificent fountain laid in the middle of the court yard. A creature laid on top of it water spewing out of its mouth. I assumed it was a Pokemon.

" That's the legendary Pokemon Kyogre," Dex explained," he is the one who create the seas and oceans."

" I see," I stared at the fountain before moving on.

That's when we met a pair of grand doors.

Dex knocked on it three times.

Immediately, it was answered by a woman in a black and white uniform.

" Hello Master Dex," She smiled at him," you just made it in time for lunch."

" I was hoping I would," He turned towards me," this is Crimson. If its ok, I wondering if she can be our guests for the evening?"

" Of course!" The woman ushered us both in," and by the way Crimson, my name is Miss Madelyn. I'm one of their maids around here."

I remember reading about a maid in a mystery novel before. You pay them to clean your house apparently.

" It's nice to meet you Miss Madelyn," I beamed at her beautiful black curls and dark blue eyes.

" Right back at you dear," She gave me a slight giggle.

She seemed to be in her mid thirties.

" You should introduce her to your bother Dex," Miss Madelyn continued on," I bet Clovis would love to see her."

" You have a brother?" I asked him.

" Yea," He nodded his head," we're fraternal twins."
" Interesting," I nodded my head," so you have nothing in common with your looks at all?"

" Well, there is one thing," Miss Madelyn told me," they both have the same color eyes."

" But other than that, we're nothing alike," Dex commented.

That's when a screech went through out the air.

" W-What is that?" I felt my anxiety rise.

" Oh that's just Mega Pidgeot," I heard Dex say.

" I-Is it a Pokemon?!" I started to play with my hands nervously.

" Yes, it's a flying type..." Miss Madelyn stopped in mid sentence when the brute came in swooping around me.

" Ah!" I grabbed onto Dex terrified.

" Hey! Hey! You're ok Crimson," He patted me on the head," open up your eyes. Don't you see he's just trying to greet you?"

I opened my eyes not even knowing that I closed them.

This Pokemon had wings like Charizard, It had tail feathers the color of blue and red while it's wings orange and white with blue tips. It's body was mainly orange except the long red and yellow feathers in its face.

It's head was cocked the side obviously confused.

I let go of Dex and placed a hand out in front of it hesitatingly.

It pressed its head against my gloves.

I frowned feeling sad that I can't actually feel it's soft looking feathers. 

" Hello Mega Pidgeot," I smiled noticing the heat of the Pokemon's head seeping through my black leather gloves," I'm Crimson."

" Mega Pidgeot," He tweeted out sweetly at me.

I stood back up and stared down at the friendly Pokemon.

" Mega Pidgeot is my uncle's," Dex explained," hey, where are the rest of the Pokemon? They should be roaming around the house."

" It's been three months, remember?" Miss Madelyn explained," it's examination day."

" Oh ok," Dex said," I guess I should show Crimson to the dining room."

" Good," Miss Madelyn started to walk away," Master Sid and Clovis will be joining you two soon enough with the rest of the Pokemon."

" That sounds good to me," Dex took me in the opposite direction of Miss Madelyn.

I soon got confused between all the winding corridors of the house.

" It's all too big!" I shook my head," how do you not get lost in here?"

" You'll get use to it if you stay here long enough," He put his hands in his pockets.

" If you say so," I eyed every detail that we past trying to make out a map in my head.

" Here we are!" Dex opened up a small set of double doors.

" Wow!" I said," that's one long table."

How many chairs is that? A couple hundred?!

" It isn't that big," Dex said as he sat down.

Before I could even pick a chair, a boy appeared out of no where in front of me.

" Allow me," He quietly said as he pulled out a chair beside Dex.

Who is this boy? By the way he's dress, I can tell he isn't a butler. He wore a pair of black gloves like me but with slits for his fingers to go through. He wore a black and red Pokemon cap that matched his black and red jackets along with a pair of black shoes. A chain caring his pokeballs went down his right leg. His hair was white as snow causing his blood red eyes to stick out. He was pale as a ghost. He seemed to be my height showing that Dex was taller than him.

" Crimson, that is Clovis," Dex introduced," Clovis, this is Crimson."

" Hello Clovis," I held out a hand," I'm happy that we've met. Miss Madelyn and Dex have told me about you."

Clovis glanced at his brother before sitting in a seat beside the chair he pulled out for me.

I decided to sit in between the brothers cheerfully.

" Do you have any Pokemon?" I asked Clovis.

He just nodded his head.

" That's nice," I said," what are they like?"

In one swift move, he pulled a pokeball off his chain, swirled it on one finger, and threw it behind him.

When it landed, a form of energy was released.

It took a solid form of a yellow creature with an orange beak and sharp talons. Black surrounded its eyes.

I jumped at the sight of the Pokemon.

Clovis noticed my reaction but didn't say anything.

" She's scared of Pokemon," Dex told his brother.

" I am not scared of Pokemon!" I snapped on him.

" Oh really?" He smirked.

I grit my teeth but didn't reply.

That's when I felt a hand on my back.

" It's ok you know to be frighten," A grown man's voice said," you'll get use to them eventually."

I turned my head to see a man with blonde hair and red eyes. He seemed to be in his early fourties.

" I assume you're their uncle?" I asked," Mr. Storm?"

" Yes, but you can call me Sid," He smiled.

" Ok Sid," I smiled back.

" I'm so happy that you're my guest today," He took a seat beside Dex," you seem like a nice girl."

" Thank you," I took the compliment making me feel better.

" But you!" He punched Dex in the shoulder," you shouldn't be so rude."

" I was just joking Uncle Sid!" He rubbed his arm.

I couldn't help but giggle.

" Should I let the Pokemon in sir?" Miss Madelyn appeared.

" If that's ok with our guest," He looked towards me.

" Of course," I told him," I can't keep you away from your Pokemon."

" Thank you," He beamed," bring them in."

And in a rush for lunch, beasts of all sizes and shapes came in pushing each other out of the way for some grub.

I was focused on my hands trying to ignore the crowded space.

I started to take in deep breaths silently. I felt like I was in such a small space now that all these Pokemon are all around me giving me such of a small space.

" Are you Claustrophobic?" Clovis whispered in my ear.

" What's that?" I asked," it sounds familiar."

" It's an extreme and irrational fear of confined spaces," He told me.

" Oh," I thought about it.

Medusa's house was had a lot of space since we were the only two people in the house and the snakes were very small.

" I guess I am," I looked at all the space the Pokemon were taking up in large room making my chest having this really tight sensation making it hard to breathe.

" Are the walls closing in?" I asked him," they look like they're closing in..."

" Come with me," He grabbed onto my hand.

" I-Into all those Pokemon?" I asked.

He looked into my eyes and took a hand in both of his hands this time.

" Just look at me, ok?" He asked of me," no where else."

" Alright Clovis," I looked at only him as he got me out of my seat.

" Where are you two going?" Dex asked," you haven't even had lunch yet."

" I'll get something for both of us from the kitchen later," He told his brother while still looking at me," and she needs a little fresh air."

" She does look a little flush," Sid joined in the conversation," but why are you handling her like that."

" Is it because of the Pokemon?" Dex was at my side.

At first, I thought he was mocking me, but it turns out he was really worried about me. He can be sweet when he wants to be.

But then now meaning too, I looked all around to see them surrounding me busting my bubble and consuming my oxygen. 

" I-Its hard to breathe..." I stuttered.

" She's Claustrophobic," Clovis told his brother.

" You should of told me this Crimson!" Dex ran his hand through his hair.

Then he cupped his mouth with his hands.

" Hey!" He yelled at the Pokemon," make a path!"

At first, they just stood still giving me the impression they didn't care what Dex wanted or not, but hesitatingly, they began to shift making a bare walking strip for us.

" Thank you," I told them all as we walked along and exited.

I instantly began to feel better once I entered the empty hallway.

" You guys are so sweet!" I smiled at them.

" See! I'm not all mean!" Dex laughed.

" Sadly, I can't say that for your Charizard...." I turned away from him.

" You're still mad about that?" I could sense him roll his eyes.

" Of course I am!" I yelled," it could of killed me!"

" You over exaggerate," Dex crossed his arms," and first of all, you ran into him."

" That's because I couldn't see," I tried to explain.

" Why couldn't you see?" He asked.

" Um... I..." I didn't want to reveal anything to them about where I came from. I just met these people.

" It's ok," Clovis was at my side now," you don't have to tell us anything you if you don't want to."

" Thanks Clovis," I frowned at Dex and kept smiling at him.

" Would you like a tour?" He asked me.

" Of course!" I locked my arm with his and we were off leaving Dex behind.

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