Crimson's Journey

Crimson thought she was living a normal life. She thought it was normal that her whole life was full of darkness and her mother. But one day, she figures out the only woman who she has ever known wasn't her real mother, and she has to escape to find the family she was taken away from. All she knows is the knowledge that was given by her mother and that to always to keep on her gloves no matter what. But what happens when she meets Eevee changing her destiny forever....


1. Chapter One

New Born:

" Finally," Medusa smiled as she cradled the crying child," you are mine!"

The baby had a full head of hair the color of blood and eyes the color of a stormy sea.

" I think I'll call you Crimson," She smiled devilishly," Crimson Sea Snake."

The little child giggling her approval of the name.

" You'll make a great daughter," Medusa watched as her snakes swirled around the new visitor.




Age Six:

" Mother!" Medusa heard the child from the basement," may I come up there?"

" You can only come up here on special occasions, and you know that," She told her.

" Can you please then send me some company?" She asked.

" Yes, of course," Medusa replied.

She hissed as she communicated to her friends.

They slithered through cracks of the basement door.

Soon, a fit of giggles and laughter came up through the darkness as Crimson played with her buddies.




Age 10:

" Happy Birthday to you," Medusa placed a cake with no candles in front of her.

" Yay!" Crimson was about to hug her without her gloves.

" Crimson!" Medusa was terrified as she ran away from her," don't touch me without your gloves! Do you want me to die?!"

" I'm sorry mother," Crimson apologized as she placed on her black gloves.

Crimson put on her gloves remembering how many snakes she's killed by accident.

" Now, let's have some cake," Medusa gave her a pat on the back.




Age 14:

" Can I please go outside?" Crimson asked Medusa.

" No," Medusa was brushing her long red hair.

" Why not?" Crimson questioned.

" It's dangerous," Medusa explained," I've told you this."

" How?" Crimson looked at her with her big green eyes.

" Because..." Medusa took in a deep breath," my family is dead now because they lived out there. It all happened when I was just a small child. They were burned on crosses."

" I'm... I'm sorry about that mother," Crimson turned her back to her trying to hide her tears. That was so sad.

" Yes, it is," Crimson hesitated before hugging her daughter.




Age 16 ( the present ):

I cradled the new born snakes.

" There beautiful," I commented as one gave me a lick on the nose.

" Yes, they are," Mother was brushing her hair in the basement which was common now a days.

" Can I have a dress like yours mother?" I asked.

Her mother's dress had snake printing all over it.

" After you read then rest of your homework," She smiled at her daughter.

" What?!" I was upset," I have ten more to read though!"

" And then that will be nine hundred books you've read," Her mother gave her an exciting hug," your so intelligent Crimson."

" Yea, I suppose," I sighed.

" Well, I'll let leave you to your reading," Mother left me in the basement shutting the door behind her and locked it.

I opened the nearest book towards me.

Since I've been in darkness my whole life, my eyes have became keen and adapted, so I can read.

" Pokemon?" I raised an eyebrow as I read the first page of the book," well, this is interesting."

" Give me that!" Mother appeared behind me.

" How did you get in?" I questioned," I didn't hear you come in."

Mother grabbed me by my shirt and slapped me.

" M-Mother?" I grabbed onto my cheek," why did you do that?"

" Why in the hell are you reading this?!" She snapped as pulled me by my hair.

" Y-You left it in here with me," I cried," you told me I should read...."

She let go of me causing me to hit the ground.

She left me there as she stomped back up to the basement and slammed it behind.

" Why did she do that?!" I cried to the snakes.

" She fears Pokemon," One hissed," you must leave. Now while you have a chance!"

" What are you talking about?" I picked up the snake in the palm of my hand.

" The door is unlock," It told me in hush tones," you can go home."

" What are you talking about?" I was confused," this is my home."

" She took you away from your family like she did us snakes," There was sadness in his black beady eyes.

" But she's my mother..." I insisted.

" She is not your mother," The snake shook it's head," she took you away from your mother when you were just born."

" This can't be true," I shook my head.

" Please listen to me Crimson..." The snake begged," run as fast as you can away from this place!"

" O-Ok," I nodded my head.

" But before you go..." He slithered up my arm," kill me."

" W-What?!" I was shocked," I can't do that! You're my friend! Please come with me!"

" I am rooted here by Medusa, Crimson," He explained," and she'll figure out who told you and have me tortured. You'll be doing me a favor by doing this."

" Fine," I put him down and made sure no other snake was watching.

I hesitated before taking off one of my gloves.

" I love you..." I sobbed.

" I love you to Crimson," It told me.

I touched it's scaly skin.

It immediately began to decay at my finger tips.

I watched as he soon turned to dust and put back on my glove.

I ran to the door and placed my ear up to it listening for any movement on the other side.

It was dead silent.

Slowly, I opened the door to find mother not there.

I crept silently across the room knowing where the front door was seeing it only once when I was a child.

I soon felt the presence of others around me.

It was the snakes.

At first, I feared they would tell Medusa.

But they never moved once.

They just stared at me knowing soon that I would be free, and hopefully, that made them happy.

That's when I saw the door.

You would think I would be happy about being able to find my real mother.

But I wasn't.

Standing in front of the door was a very angry Medusa.

" Where do you think you're going?" She asked.

I froze. There was nothing I could do or say that would save me now

Medusa kicked me in the stomach and punched me in the face.

" You never once obeyed me," She ignored my cries of pain," but suddenly, you think you're all big and can walk all over me!? I don't think so!"

What made her stop was an up roar of hissing from the snakes.

" You're hissing at me?!" She snapped," you should be hissing at this traitor!"

That's when a ball of furry was released on Medusa as snakes bit into her flesh releasing its poison.

" You traitors!" She snapped," you are all traitors, and you will pay!"

I crawled towards the door.

Once I grabbed onto the door handle, I looked back.

These snakes were always there for me especially when Medusa would isolate me in the basement.

They were true friends, and they were my true family.

" Thank you for your sacrifice," I stood up," I love you all!"

Then I opened the door and followed the light.

" Ah!" I shielded my eyes.

I kept moving forward.

" Crimson!" I heard Medusa call after me.

" Leave me alone!" I ran into something green.

I think this is what they call grass. I read about this before.

" Help!" I screamed," somebody help me!"

No one came to help, and my eyes still haven't adjusted yet to the brightness.

I lost my footing and felt myself tumble over the new geography as I tried to covert my eyes to at least bearable sight.

I felt a warm liquid run down my right new.

" I have to keep going..." I got back up.

Immediately once I got back up, I went face first into something....warm?

Finally, I was able to see clearly.

" It's... It's beautiful!" I couldn't believe what I was looking at.

The colors were unique having it's own special features, and also, the textures that covered the land had it's own special feelings. I know it! And I assume that big ball in the sky is the sun that I've read so much about.

That's when I felt the heat of someone's breath.

I turned around to see an orange and yellow ( I'm assuming those were the colors I'm seeing ) creature with blue wings staring dead at me with a tail that wrapped around me that I must of not noticed during my experiences of the new world. At the very tip of it was a little ball of some type of substance.

" By the description, I assume this is fire," I stared at it in wonder," I've read about it in books mother has given to me."

" Charizard!" It yelled in my face.

"I-I'm sorry for any intrusion that I might of c-caused," I stuttered," if you let me go, I promise I won't bother you any more!"

It just stared at me not sure what to do.

Finally, making up it's mind, lifted me up in the air.

" Please!" I wined," I don't want to die!"

" Charizard!" I heard someone say behind me," put her down now!"

Hesitating, Charizard put me down obviously disappointed.

" I'm so sorry mam!" A boy who looked about a year older than me rushed to my side," you're not hurt, are you?"

The boy had flaming red eyes and brown hair. He was wearing black combat boots,a pair of jeans, a black shirt, and a cap that had a red symbol in the shape of a ball. I also he had a collection of white and red balls on his belt that strangely winded down his right leg.

" Charizard, return," He threw one of those balls at the beast.

Once the ball hit it, it turned into a form of energy and entered the ball.

" What a peculiar device," I studied it as the boy picked it up and put it back on his belt," what is it actually?"
" It's a pokeball," He explained," have you never seen one before?"

" Where I come from, there is no such thing," I told him.

" That's strange," He said," you know at least what a pokemon is?"

" Actually, I do," I didn't want to seem like a complete idiot," they're a form of species that are used in battle positions often because of their special talents, abilities, and skills."

" Well, that's the technical definition so I suppose you've seen one too?" He asked.

" Yep," I nodded my head.

" Charizard doesn't count," He told me.

I started to shake my head in defeat.

" Where are you actually from?" He asked.

" A place I don't want to talk about," I looked down at my feet.

Why am I suddenly feeling home sick? I should be happy that I got out of there.

" Oh I see," He said," do you have any where to stay?" 

" Nope," I replied.

" Then why don't you come to my place then," He smiled," I live with my Uncle Sid."

" Ok, that sounds good to me!" I was filled with such happiness," hey, I never got your name."

" Dexel Storm," He took off his cap in greetings," but most people call me Dex. You?"

" Crimson," I told him turning my last name into ashes as I burned it to the ground.


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