Disney Adoption Agency

Adopt a disney character or get a profile picture here!


1. Information

ADOPTION: Basically, adopt your own character! Just comment the character's name and say that you want to adopt! Here's the list of characters to adopt (THEY AREN'T ACTUAL CHARACTERS...YOU'LL UNDERSTAND IT BETTER WHEN YOU SEE THE PICS!!!) Ellieaceia Gloria Georgia Hugh Greta Joy Jackline Harriet Jayce Mason Laurence Keith Max Maddox PROFILE PICS: I'll also do profile pics (of disney characters)! Tell me which character, eye color, hair color, lip color, clothes color, and things like that that you'd like. Here's how you do it: Name of character: Words that should be on it (optional): Eye color: Hair color: Makeup: Yes or no Ideas (overall feel, texture, things like that):
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