Loved You First


1. Chapter 1

Jade's Point of view (Yes Jade from little mix. She is in the band in the story)

I sat at home watching one direction on tv. I remember how me and Harry use to go to school together and how we danced at our last day of school party . But harry left .


I sat in my gym with my heat down while everyone else was dancing and having fun. I guess I didn't really have anyone to party and dance with . A few minutes later a boy came towards me and I instantly knew it was Harry . I mean who in the school doesn't know him . He has big bouncy curls , cute dimples and is known as the class flirt ."What is the reason of why you are sitting alone when you should be up dancing?" Harry questioned me . "I guess no one really wants to dance with me." I sighed slouching down. "Well I'd liked to dance with you." He flashed me a signature smile."Really!" I was surprised that someone would actually want to dance with me."Yeah." He pulled me out of my chair and we danced to fast up beats songs until their was a slow dance. Harry put his arms around my waists as I lifted my arms and put them on his neck."You know your beautiful right?" Harry looked into my eyes when I put my head down because I felt heat rising to my cheeks."Don't hide your pretty face." Harry lifted my chin up and started to lean in. Until ...."Well well well Jade is trying to kiss Harry the handsome styles." The schools mean girl Jennifer spoke into the microphone ."What a little slut she thinks Harry Styles would ever like her . So beg" Jennifer blab elf while everyone stopped and starred at Harry and I then to Jennifer. Why is she always bulling me what did I ever do wrong to her . All of a sudden tears started to drop and I ran home .

*End Of Flashback*

After that day I never was to see Harry again and that was when I found out that He auditioned for the XFactor ."Jade!" My mom called from downstairs. "Yes mom!" I replied . "You have a call from Simon my boss . I ran down a tool the phone from my mom . "Hello Simon." I was curious to find out why he called . " Hello Jade your probably confused on why I called . But be excited because you and the rest of the little mix members will be joining one direction on their tour around America ." Simon told me . "Simon are you for real!" I shouted surprised ."why would I lie. Ok Jade I know this is late notice but you will be leaving tomorrow so pack your bags your first stop is California. You should be getting your plane ticket in the mail anytime soon. Have a great time on tour Jade . Bye" Simon hanged up the phone . I started to pack my bags and I finished one hour later . I decided to go check the mail for my ticket and it was there . I went back to my room and started to think about things . Omg I have to face Harry. Does he like me as a friend less or more . I decided to stop thinking about Harry and decided to sleep since my plane ride was tomorrow at 5 am.


End of Chapter 1

Hey guys this is my first story on this account it's about Jade from little mix and Harry from one direction and how they like each other but some other guy beats Harry to telling her that he likes her and Jade gives up on Harry and goes on to that other guy and somehow Harry finds a way to win her back .

Hope you will enjoy

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