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I think we should have a Welcome COmmitte for Movellas, so new users will feel welcome on our site! If you want to join, just comment! (And maybe we can make this official!)


1. Welcome!

When I first joined Movellas, I don't remember recieving a welcome. If I had recieved one, it never reached me, and that isn't anyone's fault. But it's somewhat discouraging for new writers hoping to recieve feedback or at least a warm welcome when joining this community. I think it would be awesome to have a Movellas Welcoming Committee, to welcome new users. It would be fun, and hey! New writers! 

My goal is to make Movellas an even MORE accepting place that it is already; and maybe, if we get enough people to join, we can ask the Community Manager (Skye S) to make it official. 

To join the Welcoming Committee, fill out the following form. It would work to have a few people from each country; that way we can reach as many users as possible, even if some of us are asleep.


User Name:

Preferred Name:

Do you think this could become official?:

Are you willing to talk to new users and tell them if their name (i.e., bad words) needs to be changed?:


I hope you guys will be willing to join and welcome new users!


~ Alora

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