You're Hurting me.

WARNING: R-RATED - This book contains Sexual content and swearing!

Luke Hemmings is an asshole.
I mean, he's a fuckboy. He rich, popular, hot and young.
Leah hates him but after he saves her from being tortured, raped and kidnapped.
They both develop strong feelings for each other after the inicident...
What happens next?


14. What's Wrong?

I opened the door slowly and crept up next to him, and sat down beside him, his head was still in his hands and he didn't look or speak to me.

"What's wrong Luke?" I asked, and played with his hair.

"Nothing's wrong." He growled, there was definitely something wrong.

"Yes there is, tell me." I said.

"Leah, I like you. I've told you before. Every other girl... You're different, different to all of them." He said, looking up at me and starting to tear up.

"Luke, I-I-" I stuttered, a bit shocked.

"I understand." He said, looking down, a single tear fell onto his cheek.

"I like you too." I said, and his face lit up. 

"We can't...can we?" He stuttered.

"We can." 

"Really? I've got a chance with you?" He asked.

"Only one chance Luke." I smiled.

"I've got you to myself now. You're mine and no one else can have you." He grinned and hugged me,

"Leah, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.

"Sure Luke." I smiled and we cuddled for a while with big smiles on our faces,

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