You're Hurting me.

WARNING: R-RATED - This book contains Sexual content and swearing!

Luke Hemmings is an asshole.
I mean, he's a fuckboy. He rich, popular, hot and young.
Leah hates him but after he saves her from being tortured, raped and kidnapped.
They both develop strong feelings for each other after the inicident...
What happens next?


19. Clingy.

Shortly, I fell asleep and was awoken to Luke getting in bed, I opened my eyes and turned towards him, it was dark but I could see his silhouette in the shadows and the shiny lip ring that stuck out.

"hey." Hey said, yawning.

"Hey." I replied. 

"You finally sorted it out with the guys?" I asked.

"Hhhmhm" he mumbled, signifying that he hadn't and he was pissed with the guys, or maybe just Calum.

"Sort it out with them, I know when your lying." I said.

"I will, in the morning."  He said.

"What were you arguing about anyway?" I asked, hoping to get the answer on how and why Luke is getting $100 from. What if he's a dealer?

"Oh nothing, don't worry about it."he stuttered.

"Oh okay." I reply, not really satisfied with his answer.

"I love you baby." He said, kissing my neck and hugging me, smothering me in kisses and cuddles, but something didn't feel right.

"I'm gonna go to sleep." I said, turning over, what was Luke keeping fromme? And why was he being so clingy?

I shortly fell asleep and awoke in the morning, Luke was gone. I checked my phone, it was 2 in the afternoon so I decided to get changed and head downstairs. Calum, Ash, Michael and this girl was downstairs watching tv.

"hey guys, have you seen Luke?" I asked.

"yeah, he went shopping, he'll be back soon." Ash said, putting his arm around this girl who I hadn't seen before. I sat on the sofa and joined them.

"oh, this is Poppy." Ash smiled, pointing at the girl.

poppy was tall, slim and had long blonde hair that hung way past her shoulders, she had bright blue and was wearing a black and white striped top with a black skirt and white converses. She smiled at me as I shook her hand. This girl was really pretty, and she seemed really nice.

"Hey, are you and Ash a thing or..?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, what's your name?" She smiles.


"Nice name, good to meet you." She said, and then hugged Ashton's arm in excitement.


"Thanks." I replied and we all continued to watch the TV.

Nearly an hour later, Luke opened the door, with tonnes of bags in his hands, he struggled to get through the door without falling or ripping the bags.

"You need a hand there?" I asked, and ran to him to help him put the shopping away and into the cupboards and fridge.

"Thanks babe." He said, kissing me on the cheek.

"How long were you out for? I was beginning to worry." I ask.

"Only about an hour or so, it's fine baby." He replied.

We finished putting everything away and then joined the boys and Poppy with whatever they were watching, I think it was probably some cartoon Michael put on.



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