You're Hurting me.

WARNING: R-RATED - This book contains Sexual content and swearing!

Luke Hemmings is an asshole.
I mean, he's a fuckboy. He rich, popular, hot and young.
Leah hates him but after he saves her from being tortured, raped and kidnapped.
They both develop strong feelings for each other after the inicident...
What happens next?


3. 3. School

Today was Monday, and I had to go to school. In case you didn't know, I hated school, I hate school because I hated Luke and I was in nearly all of his lesson apart from art.

Today I got ready and prepared by putting some winged eyeliner, a nude lipstick and I filled in my eyebrows. I never need foundation or concealer because my skin was perfectly fine without it, I had no bags or spots so I was fine. I wore skinny ripped jeans-black, like always, and a white crop top with a black see-through overlay, finishing my look with a black beanie. I walked out the house and headed to school.

*in tutor*

In tutor, I sit with Michael, he was pretty much the only descent guy in Luke's 'gang'. You could have a conversation with Michael without him being a dickhead and touching your ass like Luke does.

Michael was pretty much insane, but he was cool to talk to now and then. Fifteen minutes of tutor went by and we went to first period, science.


I had to sit next to Luke in science and be his partner for all practical experiments which were pretty much every lesson. I walked down the corridor to science when a firm hand had grabbed my arm and pulled me away from my direction, I didn't know who it was but they were hurting me. I could feel my arm burn with the tight grip of this persons hand, I turned round and I saw Luke in front of my eyes with a red face, he was fuming.

"Luke, You're hurting me! Get the fuck off!" I screamed, pulling away trying to escape from his strong hands.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, Leah!" He shouted, he was really angry at me for no reason.

"I-" I was cut off by Luke, shouting again.

"Why were you flirting with Michael? What do you think you're playing at?" He continued to shout in my face. His hand was still on my arm and his grip was tightening, what the fuck?

"You seriously think that? Me and Michael hardly ever talk... Does a 'hiya' count as flirting now Luke? It's not like you can tell me who to flirt with anyway, you're not my boyfriend or my mother! Get away!" I screamed, my vision was blurry, I was clearly about to cry as he dug his nails into my skin, and cutting circulation.

His head snapped up and he immediately let go and stormed out of the building, clearly he didn't want to join class today.

I looked at my wrist, it had turned red, and I saw the dents in my skin from where Luke dug his nails into my skin, I felt a small amount of blood trickle down my arm and onto the floor.

What the hell is Luke's problem?

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