You're Hurting me.

WARNING: R-RATED - This book contains Sexual content and swearing!

Luke Hemmings is an asshole.
I mean, he's a fuckboy. He rich, popular, hot and young.
Leah hates him but after he saves her from being tortured, raped and kidnapped.
They both develop strong feelings for each other after the inicident...
What happens next?


1. 1. introducing Luke.

I'm Leah and I've known Luke Hemmings since we were 11, now we're 17.

Luke used to be a nice little kid, but now he's described more to be a monster. Inhuman.

I call him a 'monster' because he feels nothing, he has no emotion and he shows no consideration for others. He's just a horny little fucker.

He's practically fucked nearly every girl in school, and as you might have guessed, he's in the popular group with the slutty girls, hot guys and bullies.

He has a reputation for sleeping around but every girl ends up falling for him, always.

Not me.

I refuse to let him near me, whether he's fully clothed or in the nude. He's hot as fuck, but I know what he's capable of and I know that everything ends with tears and broken hearts... I've seen it fifty thousand times before and nothing ever ends well with Luke.


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