From Far Below

Waking up in a dark cell filled with other human beings, she didn't expect the alien robotic arm to come down from the ceiling and snatch one of the people that was trapped there with her. She soon learns only one thing matters. That in darkness...

Monsters come out.


1. Chapter One

The first thing that she was aware of when she snapped awake to panicked cries and sounds of utter terror was that it was dark.

Her stomach growled, her head pounded viciously, and she was cold. It was slightly damp, wherever she was. It was very, very loud.

“Wh…what’s going on?” Her speech was slurred, as though she’d been on drugs or had alcohol. She couldn’t remember if she’d had some or not, and that worried her. She didn’t want to be here. She wanted to be back home…

Where was home?

“Hey!” She cried out, sounding suddenly afraid even to herself. The panicked cries had increased, and a bright shining light made her scream in surprise and pain, she reflexively closed her eyes.

A hand grasped hers, and she squinted her eyes open to see a handsome face that made her instantly think: geek.

“Come on!” He urged loudly, and began tugging her towards…someplace. She couldn’t tell where she was at. “Memorize as much of the surroundings as you can! Before the light goes out!” He shouted.

She wanted to ask a million questions.

How had this happened?

Who was he?

Suddenly a guy slammed into both of them, and the two began to stand. She was off to the side of them.

“Back off, Max.” The guy that had been helping her snarled.

“The girl’s mine,” The guy called Max made her shiver, and she stared at him-he looked like he could play a part to a prison movie…and be one of the biggest, baddest prisoners that the prison movie had. He looked dangerous, and deadly…

“No, she’s not!” She snapped at both of them, but they ignored her. The two began to circle around one another, as though preparing for a fight, and she found herself backing away.

She didn’t want to get a fist thrown at her by accident.

Without warning, there was a high pitched whistle and a sharp, vivid scream coming from somewhere nearby.

“GET DOWN!” Someone roared, but it was too late. The Geek that had been helping her let out a cry of fear as a long, silver metallic snake rushed at them, and grabbed him around the waist.

She screamed, and the guy he’d been fighting-Max-yanked her backwards, holding her behind him.

She didn’t have any qualms about being ‘his’ if that meant he’d protect her from THAT thing.

“HELP ME!” The Geek shouted, desperately, as the thing began to wind upwards.

She didn’t think.

She didn’t even realize she was moving.

Until suddenly she was grasping his hand, and tugging as hard as she could, but the cold metallic snake wasn’t letting go.

“NOOOOOOO!” His scream rose in pitch as he was yanked forcibly out of her grasp, and she struggled to leap and grab him again-

But he was already pulled up to the ceiling…

And then-


The door on the ceiling shut and suddenly there was nothing.

Nothing but darkness.


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