Born from the richest blood in the lycan world. Stolen away from everything she's ever known. Her life was forever complicated from that moment on. Rejected and destined to die in a matter of hours, the cold rich dirt calms her escaping soul.

Tainted by the poisonous venom of a swift curse caused by the rejection of a soul that was meant to entwine with her own. She takes one last fleeting breath...but she was never meant to die.


1. Prologue

July 12th, 2015 " I always hoped you'd notice me...that you'd give me a that you , " Eva took a deep breath and looked into his eyes , " Do you even like me Jaxon...I mean like like me?" "Of c...I mean...I lik...", He stammered out. She pressed her finger tips against surprisingly soft lips. " Of course you don't...and if you don't...," She whispered biting down on her lips holding in a sniffle shaking uncontrollably. Jaxon looked astonished even ashamed and opened his mouth to speak. Searching for the right words. Words that scared the living shit out of him but made his wolf howl in approval. "Eva...," Jaxon began. "Jaxon, babe where have...eww...what's it's doing here?" He twisted his head at the sickening sweet voice. Jennifer. His football friends stood behind her chuckling softly. "Your really not gonna accept her as your mate...are you Jaxibear. Remember, I rejected my mate for you", Jennifer pouted reminding me of Daemon Wolf. No! No! Go to mate! Don't you fucking dare...J A X O N! He sighed ignoring his angry wolf Luscious . " I Jaxon Nathaniel Jones, future alpha of the Stone Wolf pack, reject Eva Josephine Agnost as my luna and my mate". A scream echoed through the cold, damp July air as Eva fell to her knees. A moan escaped her lips as her body tried to reject his words. She struggled for air as her lungs slowly collapsed. The skin around her neck burned beyond belief. She hissed as her hair was grabbed and her face yanked harshly up. She blinked spots blurring her vision. "Accept. The. Rejection!", a feminine voice hissed as a deep, muscular groaned synced with the voice. Eva let her eyes shift to slump figure on the cold pavement. Breathing she spoke, " I Eva Josephine Agnost...I...I accept Jaxon Nathaniel Jones future alpha...of..of the Stone Wolf P..Pack...r.rejection his luna and mate." Her head fell unto the cold pavement as her pain tripled. Her breathing became labored as she watched through a blurred vision of her mate struggling to stand. He eyed her before casting his eyes down whispering, "Thank you". She nodded. Eva watched as he wrapped his arm around Jennifer's shoulders as his friends high fived him. A light drizzle dampened her clothing as their feet echoed like heavy drums getting farther away. The only effect the rain having was the increase in the pain she could barely tolerate. She stumbled to her feet and headed to the forest clearing behind her. Mile's into the forest she caught the scent of rogues. She hesitated as her ear twitched as a high pitched scream filled the air. Her wolf prodded her to go deeper into the woods. She cleared her throat making noise her nose scrunching at the smell of fresh blood. "S..stop!" The wolfs growled as her as blood dripped from their muzzles. There stood in the now pouring rain a grey scruffy wolf laying near unconsciousness as two large full grown wolves : one black and one pale, dirty blonde growled. She breathed as the pain almost knocked her off her feet as she bit into her hand blood seething purposely. "L..leave or die. Right here and now", she said barely audible over her now drying throat. Both wolves looked each other before turning tail and running through a brush. She waited until she was sure he was gone before moving towards the injured wolf. "Shift". Mere seconds later there lay a small shaggy brown haired boy that looked no more than four. He had a large gash on his upper and lower torso. Blood seethed from the hideously large wounds. She paced accessing the damage and trying to figure out a plan. The bushes behind her began to tussle. "Ares! Ares are you over here! Ares!", a feminine voice screamed desperation clear. Eva turned fully towards the bush her body shielding the small boys as five people exited. "Ares!", A girl with wild raven hair yelled quickening her pace towards Eva and the boy before being forcibly yanked back against a tall brown haired man with startling aqua eyes. "No", he stated. She struggled. "No", he repeated. "Bu..but Vixen. Ar..Ares he's...he's injured!", She screeched trying to yank away from the Vixen guy. "Sniff Meredith," he stated using an Alpha tone causing the wolves behind him to whimper. Her gasp turned into snarl eyes darkening. "Get away from him!" "She's been rejected...", Someone whispered. Eva would've rolled her eyes if she wasn't in so much pain and suffering from blood lost. She decided that scooting away from the boy was the safest thing at the moment. Meredith ran over to Ares and accessed his wounds waving over the others to help. Vixen kept his original place, and eyed Eva wearily mistrust glinting in his eyes. "Thank you", Meredith said. "You were rejected and your bleeding", The Vixen guy said. "Yes". "Your dying",Vixen stated speaking again. "I know." "Can we help her?", An auburn haired girl asked. "No, Sophia we can't...", A blonde man said. "Xavier...but she helped Ares...she..she..", Sophia stammered. "What's done is done", Meredith said. Eva half smiled, " Y..yes what's done is done." Xavier let out a empty laugh. "How old are you?" "17". Sophia inhaled sharply as Vixen frown deepened. "How old is...was your mate?", Sophia whispered. "21", Eva answered honestly. "Sonofabitch!", Meredith swore. Vixen nodded in agreement. "Maybe you can come back to our pack and...uhm...go peacefully", Sophia suggested sadly. Eva shook her head gushing out in one breathless go, " I'll be be fine I've always loved the sound of rain and the forest...I wanna die here, the place were I began." Vixen nodded and motioned for Xavier and a dark haired man to help him pick up Ares who moaned in agony at the sudden shift in weight. They swiftly headed though the bushes they came out of in the first place. Meredith followed behind. Sophia hesitated looking sadly at Eva, "May the moon goddess be with you. makes it any better you saved Alpha Vixen and Luna Meredith son." "What pack?", Eva asked curious. "Silver Moon." An enemy pack? Just great. She thought humorless to herself. She soon left through the bushes as well as Eva smiled tears falling down her cheeks her life flashing before her. She looked up at the moon as the rain and silent rain forest comforted her. She waited a few more seconds before she finally let out the heart wrenching scream she had been holding in, letting crocodile tears fall. She laid down on the forest floor, curling into a ball. The pain was terrible as the smell of burning flesh intensified. She sucked in air not being able to breathe. She moaned and twisted. She wanted to live. She wanted to see if Ares would survive. She wanted to finally know why her mother left her. Why her father drunk himself to newr death every time he saw her. Why was this happening to her? "Please...please moon goddess if you can hear me...please...please help me," She cried as her back lifted off the ground ribs cracking. Moonlight beamed down on her. She choked on a silent scream. The pain being to much black spots appearing in front of her eyes. She felt herself dying. Heat consumed her burning her flesh slowly, sickening slow. She heard words being whispered around her. Some die just to live just like the Phoenix we ressurrect and fly to a world that misunderstands us others seek to destroy us all that awaits us death on a somber morrow but those who died because of unfair justice no matter where the wind blows shall finally be free of all its corruption where our suffering finally ceased to exist as we greet this solemn face of death our last breath forgotten no bright light no passage way the wings of life slack now all the hope in the world is gone until the morn and the rising sun become one, become complete come forth from a burning heap ashes brushed by the wind ready to rule the heavens again
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