Broken Line

Alayna Reed is popular... Pretty. everyone thinks her life is easy but in reality she takes care of her 5 year old brother spencer, her father has lung cancer her mother left them 4 years ago.. She seems happy to the outside world.. What happens when a guy tries to see inside.


2. 2.0

Alayna's P.O.V

im on my way to the bus stop, My phone starts to buzz in my pocket. I quickly take it out and answer


"Hey!!" Its my best friend Brooke, she is the only person who knows about my situation, I mean i have other friends.. i have Riley, Also lee but they dont know about my dad.

"Brooke, do you want to skip today?"

"Yeah!! We should go to the beach!"

"Okay." I pause " Come get me.. Im "

"I know where you are, I see you" she starts to laugh

"Okay" i hang up, i hear some laughing.. i turn around and see a blonde boy chuckling.

"Can i help you?" i say

"Uh no.."

"well you can stop eas-droping now."

"Okay" he puts his hands in the air in defense, there was a large noise which made me jump..

"Your ride is here" he winks and then gets on the bus that just pulled up.

I turn around to see brooke in her car smiling

"Dont say anything.!''

"I wasnt" she did the same thing with her hands that the blonde boy did.

"Let's go to your place first, my dad doesnt leave until 9"

"Where is here going? hospital?"

"Yeah.. for.. for um 5 months.."

"What?!!? Why?"


"Oh.. im soo sorry layna."

"Its okay, lets go!!"

"thats the attitude." she turns the radio on, i dont know the song but its catchy

" She looks so perfect standing there!!" we scream the lyrics like crazy people..

"Here we gonna run in grab a bikini and then go to your place thrn to the beach?"

"Yeah.."  with that we head inside

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