Broken Line

Alayna Reed is popular... Pretty. everyone thinks her life is easy but in reality she takes care of her 5 year old brother spencer, her father has lung cancer her mother left them 4 years ago.. She seems happy to the outside world.. What happens when a guy tries to see inside.


1. 1.0

Alayna's P.O.V

"Layna! sweetheart time to get up" I've been up for three hours hearing my dad suffer keeps me up..

"Okay dad, im up.." i sigh " Im gonna jump into the shower"

i quickly go into my closet and grab some light skinny jeans a pink floral tank top, a cream colored cardigan and my cream toms.. i go to the bathroom and start the shower.


I grab my hair dryer and curling iron, I sit at my vanity and do my makeup simple eyeliner, mascara and my lip gloss. I blow dry my hair and then curl my blonde hair, I go back into the bathroom and brush my teeth, Take one last look at myself, 

"Lets get this day over with" i whisper to myself. I walk downstairs and into the kitchen,

"Oh hey sweetie" i turn to see my dad stumbling into the kitchen 

"DAD!! dad be careful!" i rush over to him but he stops me.. 
"Alayna, im fine! im serious, now! go to school..Oh and your grandmother is coming over to get Spencer because im going to be in the hospital doing.." he pauses "im going to be in the hospital for about 5 months for kemo"

"5 months! where am i going to be ?''

"I trust you enough to stay here by yourself you are 18"

"But what about food? Rent? I have a job but it wont cover it all!"

"Thats what the stuff in the living room is for.."

I make a confused face, i run towards the living room.. i turn the corner and see two bags full of cash, 

"How did you get this?!"

"I've been saving up.." i turn and hug my dad.

"Oh dad i love you so much... Dont worry by the time you get back in 5 months you will still be living in the same home" he chuckles i laugh along,

"Don't be sill sweetie, of course i will."

"Okay dad be careful going to the hospital, tell spence i love him."

"I will, Love you daughter"

"I Love you too , Father."

i laugh as walk out the door and towards the bus stop.


Authors note:

Hey guys i know in haven't updated in like forever but since its practically my last week of school i have had finals also my softball career is taking off. but yeahh ill be updating alot more.. also im starting two new books this one. and another one about ashton irwin called "The story of us." so check that out when i finish chapters 1-4

~Sincerly Karsen Fleischer

Sc: xcx.inspired

Facebook: Karsen fleischer

Instagram: Duhitskoosey :Duhitskoosey.


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