Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


22. What are you...seriously ...

''Austin...I think it's time to stop don't you think ? '' I heard another voice behind the door..It was Harry ! I opened the door slightly and quietly making sure they won't hear it . ''But sir , You said.. '' ''Forget what I've said..If she doesn't want to come out , She doesn't have to come out '' Austin focused on his eyes , When he tilted his head to the side I can see Harry's eyes , They were a midnight black color but with a touch of a crimson red dot in the center . ''Now , You will walk downstairs and forget everything that has happened '' Austin listened to what Harry said and walked simply straight downstairs not even blinking ! . ''Hello there '' Harry chuckled kneeling down at the crack of the door ; I jumped now crawling back to my bed ''Uh..Hi Harry I was just um about to uh close my door '' ''oh Auden , No need to be lying to me ..I knew you were watching the whole time '' ''Y-y-y-you did ?...'' He nodded biting his lip while glancing down at my breast ''I could just hear the sound of your heartbeat and the way it paced extremely fast when you saw my eyes '' . He now put his hand on my left cheek and began to kiss my neck softly , I held onto his back with both of my arms , His tongue felt so amazing when he licked my neck or sucked on it , I wanted his love bites ! I wanted his body I wanted him ! .

I pushed Harry to the bed and crawled on top of him this time tearing up his shirt while rubbing the bulge he had through his pants ''Auden..the door is still open..'' I shrugged this time getting more anxious to get more wild with him ''If anyone walks in..Let them watch '' Harry groaned and leaned his head back , I loved it when he did that It made me even more turned on , His dark deep voice made more wild ! What's wrong with me ?! Why am I doing this ?! . Harry turned me around and he was on top this time , He chuckled crawling down to my woman area ''Should I kiss this now ? '' I giggled looking down at him ''Kiss it right please '' He smiled unbuttoning my jeans ''Alright love '' He took off my Jeans and putting my arms above my head ''Harry..please go hard on me '' Harry smiled at me sticking his tongue deep inside my area ''Harry..!! '' He held onto my legs and twirled his tongue deep inside of me ''you like that princess ? '' I nodded my head biting my lip ''Yes Harry I love it ! '' He began to leave his love bites all over my thighs leaving gasping in pleasure , Why am i letting him do this to me , this is bad but I can't resist hes too amazing . He bit harder on my right thigh ''Your too amazing 

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