Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


4. chapter four

There was a knock at the door . I knew much that dad wasn't gonna answer it so I got up from the couch to Answer it . "Who is it ? " I shouted at the door "Harry " My dad cheered from behind me , running into the doorway "Oh , it's him great ! " . Dad pushed me away and opened the door excitedly , greeting the guy . "Harry , nice to see you I would like you to meet my daughter ...Auden " . His eyes stared darkly at me , his hair was curly but wavy , his smirk was small but wide , his eyes were a darkish green but a darkish hazel and the outfit just shows he's a billionaire . "Hello love , the names Harry " He reached in for my hand , I stared down at it not even bothering to move a muscle not even to show that I'm breathing. "I'm sorry she's just like her brother , she's shy around New people " even though My dad was talking about me the wrong way I didn't care , my eyes were on Harry I have no idea why but something about him gives me interest. 


"It was a pleasure Mr. Betsmoth , anytime " . Harry shook my dad's hand with a smile and had a good grip on the hand as well . "Oh Auden , why don't you go look for your brother . We have stuff to do tomorrow morning " . I didn't think he noticed but I can see not "dad , Austin hasn't come since 2 today " . Harry looked over at My dad then back at Me "well he's probably enjoying Indianapolis am I right ? I mean their are a lot of beautiful women " they both laughed. I hated the joke , no in matter in fact I despised that joke "I don't find that funny , I find that offensive " . They both stood quiet for a minute not bothering to say a word till Harry ruined it . "Well love , not all women take that funny .. " he got closer to me tilting his head to the side a bit smirking at me "since they don't know how to handle it " . After he said that he winked , I wanted to make a disgust face look at him but I couldn't he was too cute for me to do that . "I'll just go uh look for him dad , be back in an hour so " . When I exited through the door I can feel Harry's eyes on me as if I felt them burning right through my clothes to my skin. Austin better show up by midnight . 

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