Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


5. chapter five:

I barely even know this town. How am I suppose to find my brother ? I can't call anybody else except for my dad but if I call him then he will tell me it was a bad idea to bring Austin and that we should have left him in the psych ward . So I wanted to find Austin on my own. I know he'll show up any minute . 

As I was walking I saw that their was a diner and it was open 24 hours . Stopping for a bite wouldn't hurt anybody . When I walked in their were only four people . Two were in the back near the window seal talking and flirting while two more people on the other side of the diner were sitting quietly just staring at each other. With no movement . "May I help you miss ?" The cashier asked me , He had short brown hair and sparkly green eyes and a British accent . "Oh uh yeah , I just saw that it said (open for 24 hours ) so I decided to come in for a bite " He smirked at me while walking towards the coffee machine still smiling at me . "Well ya got that right " he poured some coffee in a mug and laid it down on the counter "here , on the house " . I looked over at the mug with a strange look on my face , questioning the fact that I just met the guy but he is giving me free coffee ? Very strange . "Aren't you gonna drink it up?" He asked me with a sad look on his face "oh yeah , I mean um I'm new here and we just met but I don't know "  "I didn't poison the coffee " he joked , I decided it would be mean to not drink the coffee so I decided to drink it just to be nice . "Alright fine , thanks " I smiled at him , He dust off his hands and leaned his arms on the counter next to me "you must be new here ? Right ? " He said looking deeply into my eyes , not bothering to look away . "Uh yeah , just for the summer though " "visiting anyone ? " "nope just staying with my dad " The bell above the door rang and that meant someone walked in and that someone was my brother Austin ! . "Austin , where the hell were you ?! Dad is at the house worrying sick about you and so am I ! " he didn't even look at me He just kept looking at the floor "Austin please talk to me ! This isn't you what happened to you ! " . He finally looked up at me with sadness and a beat up face , his left eye was black and blue , his lip was cut , his right eye was shut but bruised and his cheeks were cut and bloody "Austin....what happened to you..." "Nothing ! Just leave me alone Auden !!" He ran out the store angrily I wanted to follow him but something stopped me...

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