Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


34. chapter 34 : Jack returns

Note Says : 

''Hey Auden , it's been years since we last spoke and Gosh Have I missed you ! . The lady at the wood shock told me where you are and how you have been living . Oh and yeah she told me about Pierce and he's already four years old ? And you're twenty three ?! Wow You're getting old Haha . Anyways since Harry must hate me and So do his Army There was no other choice but to message you in Letter , I love you Auden and I miss you so much!! . So I decided what if we could run away...tonight ? Leave with me and if you want , bring Pierce with you , He could have such a better life with Me and especially you could two ...I miss you ...If you said yes meet me near crooked Lake on the south end where the duck's love to swim at . I really hope you say yes , I Love yo-'' .

''What's that hun ? '' I Jumped hiding the letter behind my back , Harry had pierce by his side . Pierce stared up at him then back at me . He waited for an answer , Rome took the letter and walked away with it . ''Oh it was nothing , Rome was just showing me the places where we could hunt at '' . Harry lost his power to sense my future since we got married and I would always be by his side . But he can sense Pierce's future . ''Mommy I'm hungry ''  Harry messed up his hair Laughing while lifting him up in the air , Harry loved Pierce , The day where he was about to kill him ...He stopped in mid air , He said he felt a connection with Him . Just by the way Pierce looked up at him with his newborn eyes . So he let him live . ''Come on son , I'll go fetch you some Doritos or A milkshake since You're not ready to eat human flesh '' . I smiled softly as He kissed my forehead and saying He loves me , Why would Jack send me A love letter if he knows I'm happily Married and Have a beautiful son ?! My son and I are great with Harry , Harry is a good dad and husband ! He's so good he stopped his killing ways , He doesn't even force his own son to eat human flesh as you saw . I just can't do it , So I ignored the Letter and joined Harry and Pierce .

''Mommy , Where's Uncle Austin ? '' Pierce bit into his Apple while coloring in his Scooby doo coloring book . ''He's with Guard Marcus fetching us some more food '' I said Giggling holding his hand . Harry was munching on his Food as well but looking at Pierce . We are very protective over our son , Anything happens to him we'll both go insane especially Harry . ''Have you decided yet babe ? '' ''Decided what ? '' He asked back putting his fork down cleaning his hands into the napkin . '' Putting him in the Creepy Pasta Killer academy '' I sighed , ''Oh of course I did and I decided ''  ''And ? '' ''No '' He stood up walking off , So I followed him now yelling a bit . ''What do you mean no ?! Babe this will get him to be more powerful and not scared to murder ! '' He shrugged opening the hallway door , Harry and I have been trying for three months to get Pierce accepted into this school so he can learn how to be brave and powerful . ''I do not care Love , Our son is not going to A school full of a bunch of killers ! '' ''Harry , this school can change him , They won't hurt him '' . He looked back at me and sighed ,  Harry didn't really want him to go anymore ..but why ? Why doesn't he ? . '' Fine , We'll let him go but if I do You'll have to owe me ''  I walked up to him putting my hands on his chest smiling up at him ,  I slid my finger down to the center of his pants . ''And what will that be ? Hm ? '' He took both of my hands shaking his head laughing and talking in a baby voice ''To clean up all the dead bodies in the field when their done feasting '' . He walked off Laughing ''That isn't fair ! '' I yelled at him , he threw his hands in the air laughing louder and making a little Irish Dance ''Neither Am I Love ! '' .

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