Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


33. chapter 33

Jack stared at me with a sad look , He put his weapon on his left hip . Everyone was still , I held Harry's Hand with mine and cried softly while looking into his watery eyes ''I'll Marry you Harry...I'll be you're queen '' . The rest of the demon's walked back towards us calmly and relaxed . Not Jack though , Jack was upset , Jack was devastated . He tilted his head to the side then looked back at us ''You betrayed me ! You do love him Auden '' ''Jack please , Let me explain !! '' He backed away from me , from all of us . ''No Auden , I'm done , If he ever breaks you're heart like literally I don't want you to come and find me crying !! '' . He walked off Leaving me alone and broken hearted . Harry was lifted by his Army , One of them Put his arm around me telling me to follow them back to their place . I felt guilty , I felt horrible . I wanted Jack back but I can't ever again..

-Four years later - -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

''Love , Can you catch us a drink please ?'' Harry and Pierce Were having their daily routine inside the dead fields . Harry was still trying to teach Pierce how to catch his prey and Bite their neck , Pierce still couldn't do it , He was too afraid and too nervous . ''Alright '' I walked inside holding Onto my gown which was getting a bit dirty by the mud . ''Isn't the day perfect mam ? '' Austin walked by me smiling , His hair was a ginger color , His eyes became green and his skin became a caramel color which all girls found attractive . The sexual attention of Him and me are over since Pierce was born . I was glad because for one thing this is my brother we're talking about and I am Married to the Demon king . ''Why yes it is Austin , And when are you gonna stop calling me Mam ? I am still you're sister '' He walked backwards in front of me laughing ''I know but You're my queen '' I patted his shoulder now walking a bit faster to the kitchen ''I'll catch you Later Austin '' . The kitchen was my favorite Spot in this Place , It was wide and open freely , You can even have a ball in here . Besides the view of the ocean was there clearly and beautiful . ''Miss styles , You have a message '' Guard Rome Handed me a letter and on top of the letter was three black dots...I looked at Rome and he looked back at me . The urge was deadly so I opened it quickly .

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