Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


32. chapter 33

An army of Young teenage boys came up behind him . I can say like over 50 ! were lined up . But where was Austin ?! . ''Hand her over ...Jack '' Harry made the K sound sharp at the end , His eyes turned bloody red while his skin turned as white as snow . ''Never ... ''  ''Oh Jack , You Just don't see it don't you ? She has My baby and that baby...Has to die '' I got in front of him now standing up to Harry . ''This is not You're baby ! This is my baby ! And if I have to fight you over him or her I will !! I will never let you touch My baby Harry ! Not even for the death of the ones I love !! '' . Harry's face became darker than usual , His eyes were facing mine . It was Him and me now . Death and Lies . ''Auden..You don't want to do this '' Jack whispered behind me ''Listen to you're boyfriend Auden '' Harry complemented . I pulled Jack's Arm dragging him down the field . I whispered close and quietly to him and Just the perfect whisper tone . ''We have to kill him ''  ''What ? We can't he's too powerful '' ''Jack listen to me , You're bow and Arrow's can kill him instantly , I'll let him take me away and that's when you shoot him in the back ''  ''But what about the Army he has Auden ?! '' . I sighed looking back at  them then back at Jack . ''The car is only 10 feet away , Run fast . Forget about me for a while I'll find you Jack...Trust me '' ''But Auden - ''  ''Just do it Jack ! '' Jack looked back at them and sighed , He hugged me one last time and kissed my forehead . I began to walk up to Harry showing him that I surrendered Myself and Our Baby . ''I knew you'd come around love . Now come , Let's get rid of that baby and Have you become queen '' . He grabbed My hand and Led me  up the hill , I tried not to look back at Jack and tried to focus on Keeping Harry distracted . ''Ya know Love , I really do care about You Auden , It's just I don't want that baby in the way . It destroy ..what we have '' He sounded really sad and guilty about all this , His eyes looked like they were about to water and Looked like he needed comfort .

''I Love you Aud-'' He fell down on his knees and yelled in pain , Everyone turned their head's to face Their now injured king ! . Jack put down his Bow and Arrow slowly staring down at Harry , He seemed scared and frightened , I ran towards Harry crying now , He wasn't really a bad guy , He just wanted to be...Loved . ''Harry !! '' The Army of Demons charged at Jack , Jack dropped his weapon and ran to the car as fast as he could , but they were to fast so I had no other to choice but to risk my life and the baby's . ''Stop ! Stop running ! Leave him alone ! '' They all stopped and so did Jack . ''I'll be you're queen , I'll Marry Harry and....I'll become a demon '' .

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