Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


31. chapter 31 : zing

'''Nothing is wrong with me , Besides don't you remember what you just said to me minutes ago ? '' His face became pale as he now remembered what He had said not long ago . ''I'm not gonna share my feelings with some guy that just saved me and I barely even know ! '' The sound inside the car was dead silent , No one said anything just pure silence . Silence scared me Fashionably a lot . Austin would always make a joke and make all of us laugh if it were this quiet . I turned away from Jack groaning like I did before , I held my stomach tightly . Jack gave me a worried look now , The same exact look my father gave me when he was watching me puke in the toilet . ''Whoa , You alright ? '' He asked rubbing my back gently while having his left hand on my lap ''I'm Fine , Just um..a bit car sick '' He looked at the wheel then back at me ''Car's not even..--'' . He leaned his head down facing his lap , Then he leaned it against the seat . '' everything okay ? '' He didn't answer instead he just looked at me with the most saddest face he could ever make , His eyes showed me that He was hurt inside more hurt that I noticed before . ''You're pregnant aren't you ? '' He asked quietly as if There was someone else listening and he didn't want no one else to hear . ''I don't know what you're talking about ''  ''Don't act like that Auden , I hate that . I really do . Just say it ! You're pregnant with The demon's Baby!! '' I jumped a little as he shouted at me , I began to sob looking at him , I held onto his shirt About to say something but instead..He kissed me ? . I had my eyes wide open staring into his closed his eyes . His left hand was on the left side of my cheek in between my hair . Finally he stopped and Smiled ''What was that - '' ''Don't worry about it '' He laughed putting the car into gear ''Just take it as a thrill ride '' I giggled at him Putting my seat belt back on . 

 ''That one ? '' I asked smiling up at the farest star he pointed at . ''Yeah , That one . Isn't it perfect ? '' I nodded my head leaning in more closer to him . Jack feels different , He seems different than the other guys I've been with . ''Hey Auden ? '' I smiled with my eyes closed wrapping my arm around his chest. He sat up looking at me with a weird look . ''What do you think the demons want ? '' ''What do you mean ? ''  ''Like ..why are they here ? Why are they after the human kind ? '' ''I don't know exactly '' . Jack's question swam around my head , He was right ....What do the demon's want from us ? Why are they invading earth ? . ''Hello there '' Jack and Me stood up quickly . Oh no, It's him..It's Harry !  . Jack looked to the side at his bow and Arrow's , I held onto his shirt tightly in fear . ''I see you two have met , I hate to ruin the party but I'm afraid I'll have to take away Auden from you '' He chuckled looking at me . Jack breathed heavily , His hand tightened on mine ''No you're not ! '' ''Oh really ? Boys !! '' Harry yelled turning his head around smiling evily . ''How about now ? ''


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