Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


30. chapter 30 : Jack :)

He wrapped my arm around his neck helping me walk to his car , I smiled a little bit at him , He chuckled sitting me inside "ya know  , You're lucky I helped you in my car . Because I would have let you did it by yourself " We both laughed as he closed the door . He walked to the other side and entered the orangish sports car . He looked rich but his personality didn't . "So , Auden ! , How old are you? Where ya from ? Here ? " I looked straight ahead chuckling a bit now looking at him as he drove "18 and no from Forks California " His smile became a bit bigger , He tightened His hands on the wheel ''Really ? You don't look like it '' . He turned to look at me then stopped at the red light . His smile soon became a frown then a tear fell down and he laid his head back on the seat .'' My um..Mom and dad died because of him and Well My sister was kidnapped by one of his workers and since he couldn't find me He left me un-looked '' ''Un -looked ? '' I asked Sadly . ''It means he stopped looking for me thinking I was murdered by someone else '' . The light turned green again but he ignored it and the cars passing by us ''I'm so so- '' ''Don't , please '' He stopped me lifting himself back up putting the car to drive again ; Jack seemed the type of person to Keep every sad and dark secrets and memories inside of him and is wanting to cry to someone about it afraid to tell that one person what is Everything . '' Jack , Look I know we may have just met but I'm here if you want to talk . Anything you are keeping inside of that big heart of yours Just please...Let it all out . I'm all ears ''  ''All ears ?! Yeah well shucks Thanks but I'm not gonna tell Some girl I just picked up from the street My so called feelings '' . My eyes began to water , He reminded me so much of Austin . I couldn't hold it in anymore I now started to cry hard..Harder than I usually did .

''Whoa , Auden , Hey Hey Are you Okay ? '' He put the car in park and turned his whole body around to look at me , I refused I didn't want to look at him but he was stronger and won the Struggle . ''What's wrong ? '' He asked again now more concerned about me . ''Nothing , It's nothing Alright Just leave it be ! '' ''I'm not gonna leave it be , Just seconds ago you wanted to know what was wrong with Me and now I want to know what's wrong with you '' 

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