Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


29. chapter 29 : she's one of them?!

She held my hand while looking behind me "Auden..Run" I stared at her trying to pull my hand away from her grip "Run ! " . Her eyes suddenly turned Crimson red and her teeth now grew fangs , Oh no..Not Her not Aunt Caroline ! . She now pushed me put the door "Leave ! Get out your not safe ! " She slammed her door leaving me with a bruised arm , and a injured head . I tried to stand up but couldn't my legs were hurt by the push and the left ankle was caught with a Bush . "Hello there " A blonde headed Irish like boy walked up to me playing with his hands , he wore a long purple cape with sparkly Purple shoes to match with it. His eyes were a dark green with a dot of Dark blue in the center . "You seem caught up with that Bush , why don't I help you" His face grew veins till they reached the side of his cheeks coming up from his neckline , he leaned down then charged at me till An arrow went through his head ! . "Not now u won't " A tall skinny teenage boy stood behind him still holding the arrow gun at him , His hair was A light snowy white color , his eyes were light blue like the color of the ocean and his was as white as snow as well . He turned to look at me with a small smile then a serious look again "I'm Jack , Jack Valentine " He reached his hand down to pick me up "Auden " I answered , I kept staring at him . I don't know if I should trust him I mean , Harry looked so human when he's really a freaking Demon and my brother ! My brother ! Person I grew up with blend in as well. 

"I'm not like them if that's what your thinking . Trust me if I was I wouldn't be standing here talking to you while trying to pick you up ? Am I right ? " . Harry did that. "Prove it " I said commanding "think of something " "what? " "just think of something" . I started thinking of my mom's  , he can't know my mom's name so let's see . "You done yet? " He asked now having a stirn look on his face "yes " I said trying not to laugh at him . "You thought about how to run away ? " I shook my head now giggling "Not even close " I stood up holding onto his hand

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