Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


27. chapter 27 : Dis - control

Harry was sitting at the fourth table inside the cafe ,  the place where he told me to meet him. Throughout the phone call he didn't let me speak , he just kept on yelling at me to meet him and that was urgent . What could be so urgent to him ? I have to figure out what to do with This baby and how to tell my dad about it . ''Auden , so glad you made it sit '' He didn't look at me , he just kept looking behind me as if checking if someone was watching . I'm starting to think so . ''What's wrong H-'' ''Abort it '' He stopped me , I gazed into his eyes while he gazed into mine angrily . ''What ? '' My voice cracked nervously , I knew what he said I just needed to hear it again . ''Abort ! '' He Whispered more louder ,  people looked at us now , I never seen Harry like this , especially This nervous ..He knows ? How ?! I never even told him ! ''How do you ? - ''  ''I knew before you Auden , I know everything before you , I know you're future before you even do it , I know the bad mistakes you'll do before you do them ...I know you Auden ! '' . He was starting to scare me , My heart sank six times more to my stomach than before . '' But Harry I , I ..I want this baby '' I argued ''I don't ! Now abort it ! '' He stood up and walked away angrily . I held the cup tightly in my grip , I knew I wanted to cry and I was going to but I couldn't because then someone will walk up to me and ask me if I was [Fine ] . 

I needed to get out of here , I need to leave Indiana . I can't risk Harry or Austin hurting my baby even if Austin doesn't want to hurt the baby I still have to leave because for all I know that's what Harry must be thinking right now . To hurt My baby . I began packing my things and getting ready to call My mom until A familiar voice showed up behind me . ''Where you going ? '' It was Austin , I can't tell him about this . He might get As much Angry as Harry did or Beg me to stay with him . ''I'm gonna visit Aunt Caroline for a while she wants me to see her '' . He  had an unsure look on his face , The type of Face he usually makes when hes not sure about things . ''Well..Can I come ? ''  ''No , because she just want's to see me '' He didn't say anything , instead he just walked to the door looking upset ''Later then '' . He didn't seem to care either , Just by the way he just walked out of the room on me . Not even bothering to look at me . I sighed and dialed my Mom's number . It's the best for the baby...And me . 

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