Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


26. chapter 26 : She's pregnant

I woke up the next morning light headed , I felt super dizzy and my stomach was Killing me . It felt as if someone punched it several million times without stopping . My dad was downstairs making Me  break feast ; I hoped Austin wasn't downstairs , I'd be frightened and horrified . I still thought about what they told me yesterday night , that they were demons ! and That Austin works for him . ''Hey there munchkin ! Glad you're up '' My dad knocked on the side of my door smiling , his most caring smile he always made when I looked upset to him . ''We haven't been talking lately , So I was wondering if you want to catch a - '' I stood up from my bed and ran passed him to the bathroom and puked so much that it got full quickly ! ''Whoa Auden ! are you alright ?! '' He shouted kneeling down behind me rubbing my back slowly While leaning his face next to mine . I stared down at the toilet , I knew what was wrong ...I'm Pregnant . 

''Yeah...I'm fine I just..had a bad meal last night while I was out with Harry '' He sighed giving me a hug , I can tell my dad was frightened by the experience he witnessed just a minute ago . ''You scared me lady bug , I'm sure you'll feel better sooner or later it just might be a stomach pain '' He was surely right about the stomach pain and He isn't the only that's frightened , I am as well . ''Dad can you pass me my phone I need to call a friend '' He stood up and walked towards my drawer for my phone , He looked down at it curiously then back at me ''Fourteen missed calls from Harry ? '' He whispered ''He's just probably worried because I didn't answer his calls when I got home '' ''why? ''  ''Because I fell asleep dad '' . He didn't look like he believed me instead it looked like as if he sees me as a liar or suspect for something . ''Well..Alright Be careful with that Harry guy Auden ''  . I've heard that so many times its like hearing a broken record or something . I held my stomach standing up looking up at my dad faking a smile for the first time for him exactly  , He kissed my forehead walking away leaving me terrified ; I'm carrying A demon's baby ....My brother's baby ! .


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