Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


25. chapter 25

Harry stood there looking  on as austin held my leg mid way in the air up against the wall rubbing his cock against the hole from the outside. "Well arent you going to stick it in?" Harries arms crossed with a stern look on his face like a drill seargent. "Whats the hold back for huh those are tears of joy" he looks at austin with a smirk on his face. Austin gets it midway in," well what do you know its nice and wet inside boss" he looks at harry as he shoves it in fully and pulls the bra down with a sudden force making the boobs jump right out. Harry was pleased , it was like he was watching his favourite show live . My heart was racing as well as it was breaking horribly and painfully "Come on love , Ya know you love it" His smile still turned me on , Always have . This isn't though , this is abuse the worst one yet ! "Moan my name Auden " Austin whispered playfully , His right hand was on my ass , he squeezed it as he thrusted deep inside me hitting my g-Spot , felt so amazing but this is my brother ! I want Harry ! I devour him... "I'm gonna...cum..Austin " . Harry clapped loudly and shouted "Well that's wonderful love !! That's perfect ! Cum all over him ! Cum all over that cock you simply enjoy ! " He laughed at me , he seriously enjoyed him doing this to me. 

I came all over him , I was thrown to the bed and was stared at . For what seems like a minute or two until Harry spoke . "You did well Austin , for a beginners turn " "A what ?..." I moaned out sitting up slowly trying to avoid the bruises on my hips and waist line . "Oh , he didn't tell you? Oh yeah he works for me now and he um well you see how do I put this slowly ..He's a demon and he rapes young girls just like you" "Rape ?!!!" I shouted at him , Austin covered my mouth roughly staring up at Harry angrily as if he was waiting for another command "You lost your poor brother Auden..He's now named Venom " . This can't be real ..This is all fake , a prank ! It has to be , I ..I ...I can't believe this . "Austin..please " He ignored my call , he just kept looking up at Harry like a soldier listening to his sargent . "We'll back soon , Don't tell anyone . Your ours forever " they walked out the room together putting their clothes back on . I sat there . In pain . I need help. 

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