Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


21. chapter 21 :

I didn't know what to say . I feel awkward around Austin now all the time . He just gives me a weird feeling inside my stomach. Or is that just the fish I ate ? . ''I'm in a mood Auden '' He whispered darkly ''A...mood? '' I said backing away from him slowly avoiding eye contact with him . ''A very lusty mood ..And I can't control it sis '' He began to walk faster towards me , putting his cup of whine down . ''Austin..Don't do this We can't keep doing this , It's not right '' He didn't listen to me instead he ran up to me and Pulled me closer to him '' I devour you Auden...More than him '' I pushed him away and ran upstairs to my room ''Auden!!! '' He started to chase me but I slammed the door in his face ''Leave me alone Austin ! This isn't you '' I started to cry as he banged on the door ''I'm not gonna hurt you ! I just want to have fun with you '' I began to cry into my hands ..What's gone into him he was never like this ! He was always so happy and playful ..he was never this..this..this..THIS CRAZY!!! . 

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