Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


23. Challenge

He lifted my left leg up slowly , kissing my lips gently , he ran his hand down and up slowly leaving me breathless "Please Harry...more " He chuckled coming up to my ear whispering darkly "I want you all to myself ...No one else's ! " He entered roughly , I gasped loudly holding onto his back . He arched his back groaning "Your too..tight ! " He kissed my neck still thrusting inside me slowly , I can feel my heart beat pace quickly , I wanted more , I wanted him I wanted all of him I wanted...more of him . He sat up now kneeling in front of me , He grabbed a hold of my waist and pounded my g-Spot , making me want to cum but couldn't I don't want the risk . 

-Austin's p.o.v - 

"Alright see ya" I closed the door on April sighing , God is she annoying can't a girl take a hint when a  guy isn't interested ? . I walked up the stairs to my room but all of a sudden I hear moans coming from Audens room ?.. "Harry please fuck me harder ! Yes yes yes !!" . My sister ?! Fucking that rich british dude ?! No ! She's mine ! Nobody else's , I charged in seeing Harry fucking the hell out of Auden , they ignored my presence and kept going . The way he did it , the way he held onto her slamming his dick into her ..he had her in a trance "Get off her !! She's mine !! " I pushed him off , my eyes turned crimson red leaving my hands shaking "Austin ! Get out ! " She yelled "No ! Your mine ! " I yelled back looking down at Harry angrily . "Look kid..She's your sister now get out of here " He chuckled "No! I'm not leaving ! She's mine ! I don't care if she's my sister ! I love fucking that tight pussy! I love licking her neck and hearing her moan! Those are my jobs !! " I cried louder . Auden hid her body in the blanket which sucked more for me "Alright kid , how about this..prove to me she's yours , I want to see you fuck her "

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