Have you ever fell in love ? Ever thought he was the one and will live happily ever after with the guy? Well trust me not everyone has a bright sunny one...that's why I'm here to tell my story......I dated A demon.


1. Chapter one :

My brother Austin was acting stranger than usual , All he does now is stare outside and not move . When I go up to him to check him out he just makes that scary face which frightens me , Especially when I sleep and his room is like down the hall from mine . "Auden can you come in here for a minute ?!" My mom shouted from the kitchen , I took one last look at my brother and went to go see her . Wrong choice . When I walked in my mom and dad were standing in different corners , My mom of course standing near the stove and my dad leaning on the kitchen counter playing with his fingers . "You will be going without your father back to Indiana while I take care of your brother and his issues ". Her voice was flat , the kind of voice she uses when she corrects her college students . Serious and Flat . "Issues ?! Austin doesn't have any issues it's just he's going through at stage that's all mom " she ignored my response , refusing to believe me "No Auden , your brother is sick . Simple " . My dad didn't bother to intrude instead he just sighed heavily , leaving me by myself to defend my twin brother . "Where will you take him ?" "The psych ward" I jumped .My heart sank to the bottom of my chest , all I felt was my whole world falling apart and My family not noticing any of it . "He doesn't even need to go there mom ! Austin is fine ! " My dad now spoke but still wasn't good , he took her side , agreeing to everything she was saying "'s for the best , you'll be in indiana with me for a while and you won't have to worry about your brother ".

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