Short Stories From My Books

Short stories from my finished books!


3. A Kiss is All It Takes:Sage and Candace

  Candace's POV

I was on my afternoon run when I saw Sage pounding his fists against a nearby tree. I rush over to him. "Sage," I start, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he growls, gazing at me with a murderous expression.

"Tell me."

"Its none of your business." He turns away from me. The light hits his face wrong, and I see something wet on his cheeks.

"Are you...crying?" I asked, shocked. Sage was usually this happy person. He was always nice. I put my arms around him and hold him while he cries. It really sucks when the person you're in love with is sad. It makes you feel ten times worse.

"I lost," he cries into my shoulder, "I freaking lost. To that Chase guy. She chose him over me."

I hug him tighter. "It's ok," I say, "Take this as a sign. You two werent meant to be."

"I know," he sobs, "I just didn't want to lose her so soon."

"You might have lost her, but you'll never lose me." I whisper.

He looks up. "What?"

"You coud never...will never lose me." I smile reassuringly.

He wipes his tears, smiling at me. "Thanks Candace. You're great."

He wipes off the dirt from hi pants and walks away.

Friend, he says, Friend.

Well, it's okay, Candace.

Justt take baby steps. Love isn't supposed to be rushed.

Baby steps.


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