Short Stories From My Books

Short stories from my finished books!


1. A Kiss is All It Takes: Isabelle and Mitchel

    Isabelle's POV

"He asked me out!"

I jump with joy in my older sister's bedroom. She's sitting on her bed in pajamas reading the latest teen vogue magazine. At hearing my news, her eyes lift from her article. "Well then, why do you look like that then?"

I squint at her, confused. "Like what?"

Then I look at myself in her floor length mirror. And almost scream. I was in my penguin pj's, my hair looks like a rat's nest. My jaw drops. I needed to get ready and fast. Mitchel would be picking me up for lunch any second now. I check my watch. 11:47 am. I still had some time.

I hadn't noticed my sister had gotten off the bed until she was suddenly right next to me, her issue discarded on her bed. She sighs, looking me up and down. "Hold on," she says, walking out of the room. As soon as she's out the door, I speed to my drawers. Shuffling through my clothes, my gaze falls to a yellow sundress. I might hate dresses, but I don't want to look like crap in public, especially with Mitchel. I would do anything for the boy.

When my sister comes back in, I'm already dressed and she has hair accessories and products in her arms. I smile gratefully at her, and she motions for me to turn so she can get started.


                                                                                           .  .  .  .  .   .  .   .  . 

 Five minutes later, I'm picture perfect and ready for the date. Smiling, I hug my sister. "Thanks!" She hugs back, smiling as she pulls away." No problem. Have fun!" and she goes back to the teen vogue magazine. 

Honk Honk!

The sound of Mitchel's car puts my legs into motion. I practically run to the door. Swinging it open happily, I find Oliver staring at me. My eyes widen. His hand is in mid air-he must have been getting ready to knock. 

"Umm...Amber's inside!" I say, darting around him. My poor sister. Having to face her boyfriend in pajamas! I almost laughed at the thought. Skipping to Mitchel's car, I see him smile at me. The expression melts my heart down to my toes. I round the car, open the door, and plop myself in the passenger seat.

He leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. "There's one thing I have to ask before we go," he asks with a nervous smile.


He looks at me, smiling. "Will you be my official girlfriend?"

I look into his electric blue eyes that I fell in love with since the first time I laid eyes on him. I looked at his crooked smile that warmed my heart. And I felt the same feelings for him I'd always had.

"Oh hell yeah!"

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