Short Stories From My Books

Short stories from my finished books!


2. A Kiss is All It Takes: Amber and Oliver

 Amber's POV

"Ummm....Amber's inside." My sister's voice echoes throughout the house. I hear the front door close, and heavy footsteps making their way to my room. When they're by my door they abruptly stop, and a soft knock is heard. "Who is it?" I call, my eyes never leaving my magazine.

"Olly," a deep Australian voice answers.

My eyes widen and fly to my outfit. Nothing but pj's. Why couldn't I have been smart and just gotten dressed when Issy had?

"Ummm....I'll be out in a sec!" I yell. I rush to my drawers. Anything suitable? No, it was all in the dirty laundry hamper. Crap!He was going to think I was a freak!

"Amber..." his voice said. 

"I'll be right out!" I look around. Was there nothing I could wear?

After about ten minutes of looking without prevailing, I decided to give up with honor.

"I'm coming out now," I warn, "just don't laugh."

"Um," he started as I opened the door,"Why would I-"

Then his gaze caught sight of me, and it was all over. I could see the humor bubbling up. His eyes crinkled with amusement. But as he was opening his mouth to laugh, I pressed my lips against his. A few seconds after getting over his shock, his lips soften and start to kiss me back.

When we pull apart, he laughs. I punch his arm.

"I've never had a girl do that before to stop me from laughing," he says with a grin.

I smile triumphantly. "That's because I'm not like other girls."

"You got that right." And, pressing my body against the wall with his own, he kisses me again.

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