mailbox ; cth

his mailbox was always full of letters and mail, but they weren't always his


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mailbox ; cth



as calum sat down on his couch with a beer in his hands, someone knocked on his door. calum groaned, not wanting to get up. he placed his beer down and walked up to get the door. he unlocked the door revealing michael, his best friend who he shared his house with,


"don't you have the key to the house?" calum growled at micahel, letting him in


"i lost the key" michael replied and took off his black converse


"this is the second key you lost michael" calum replied as he rolled his eyes at him


"so how was work at the guitar shop?" micahel asked, completely ignoring calums remark


"boring, like always. no one buys anything there" calum replies and looks at the pile of mail in micahel's hands


"you got the mail?" calum asks and takes the pile


" why is your mailbox always so full? i take out the mail daily" micahel asks calum as he makes his way to the fridge


calum doesn't answer michael. he start looking at all the letters and bills from the pile. none of them are his. their his neighbors. calum looks at the name of who the letters belong to. kaylie garcia. 


"isn't kaylie garcia our neighbor?" calum asks micahel


"i think so. are those who they belong to?" micahel points to the pile of letters


"her letters have been getting mixed up with mine for a while" calum says to michael but he wasn't listening


"why does her mail always end up in my mailbox?"

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