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The stupidest lyrics? The most wonderful villains? Weird ice cream flavors? These and more are in this book!!!


1. Section 1: The 20 Best Villains of Dreamworks and Disney Films

The 20 Best Villains of Dreamworks and Disney Films


We all know that some of the villains in movies are actually pretty awesome.


Okay...but here's a list of villains....I have to hold a poll, and I NEED YOUR HELP SERIOUSLY. Just comment the best villain, and, when I get 150 comments (that's my goal!), I'll tally up the number of votes that each one got and the top ones will get put in the book!

Here's the list! (From

  This is the "official" list of characters who are Disney villains:   Villain (alphabetical) Movie Amos Slade  The Fox and the Hound Aunt Sarah and Si & Am Lady and the Tramp Big Bad Wolf  The Three Little Pigs Captain Hook  Peter Pan Chernabog Fantasia Cruella de Vil  One Hundred and One Dalmatians Doctor Facilier  The Princess and the Frog Edgar The Aristocats Frollo  The Hunchback of Notre Dame Gaston Beauty and the Beast Hades Hercules Horned King The Black Cauldron Jafar  Aladdin Kaa & Shere Khan The Jungle Book Lady Tremaine & Stepsisters Cinderella Madame Medusa  The Rescuers Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Percival McLeach  The Rescuers Down Under Pete Mickey & Co. Prince John & Sir Hiss  Robin Hood The Queen (Evil) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Queen of Hearts  Alice in Wonderland Ratcliffe Pocahontas Professor Ratigan  The Great Mouse Detective Scar The Lion King Shan Yu  Mulan Stromboli  Pinocchio Sykes  Oliver & Company Ursula The Little Mermaid Yzma  The Emperor's New Groove



A Bug's Life

Hopper  The Grasshoppers  The Fly Brothers and Thud   

Toy Story 2

Al McWhiggin  Stinky Pete  Emperor Zurg   

Monsters, Inc.

Randall Boggs  Henry J. Waternoose III  Fungus   

Finding Nemo

The Jellyfish  The Barracuda  The Anglerfish  The Seagulls   

The Incredibles

Syndrome  Bomb Voyage  The Underminer  Cars   Chick Hicks  The Delinquent Road Hazards   


Chef Skinner  Anton Ego  
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