All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


33. What is he doing?

Amber's Pov:

Sam, Colby and I had talked a lot about our past relationships and i explained to them what happened between Luke and I. They were both shocked at what happened, listening to our dates and how he's acted toward me in the past was nothing like this. I was just as shocked as they were. Before lunch ended we all decided to leave lunch early just to be able to talk each other without screaming it because the cafeteria was that loud.

"I can't believe Luke would do something like that, he sounds like he really likes you, but people change I guess." Sam said while shrugging his shoulders "Yeah I guess people, really do" I said in disbelief while looking down at my feet. "Hey" Colby says and I look up "don't be sad.. there has to be some kind of an explanation for this, maybe he's just confused.. we'll help you if you need us." Colby said while looking at me in the eyes. "Give me you phone for a sec" Sam said. I looked at him a little confused "just do it" Colby says smiling. "Fine" I say smiling and I hand Sam my phone, he types a couple of things in then hands it to Colby who does the same then hands it back to me. "We gave you our numbers.. just in case stuff goes down and you need someone to talk to" Sam says with a slight smile at the end of his sentence. "Just know we'll always be here for you. Ok?" Colby asks "Thanks guys, I really mea-" I say getting cut off by Sam and Colby staring behind me with wide eyes. 

"W-What?" I asked a little scared that was when Colby put his hands on my shoulders not looking at me and turning me around to face whatever the both of them were staring at.

I wanted to start balling my eyes out when I saw him, because I wanted answers from him, i didn't want my feelings to be played around with. I wanted the truth, but I gathered up my strength from deep down inside and started to speak.

"Luke..? I say my voice a little shaky. He didn't respond, he kept his head down and continued to walk past me. Before he was to far away I said with a little anger in my voice "Luke are you going to explain yourself, or just keep avoiding me?" He then stopped and turned around to face me. "Look Amber I-" I looked him straight in the eyes and couldn't believe what he was saying, after all the things he's said to me about our love, did he just throw it out? He said he loved me, I guess my love wasn't enough for him. Every single word that he said felt like knives in my heart and our future together was slowly breaking.

I gathered myself and said "Okay. I-If that's what you want. Bye Luke." I said while walking off, Sam and Colby followed. That wasn't the Luke that I knew. What happened to our love, and everything I told him, and everything he told me? I guess it wasn't enough, I wasn't enough.



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