All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


3. The plane ride/ Authors note

         I finally arrived at the airport "Thanks!" i say to the taxi man as I give him some money "Just doing my job" he says as i smile. I get out and he outs my luggage and puts them into one of those airport luggage holder things.

"Thanks again" i say he laughs "No problem! Have a great day!" he says chuckling "You too!" i say giggling. I was really looking forward to moving to Australia besides the whole moving away from my family and transferring to a new school thing. I pushed my luggage and went through security as usual and eventually got onto the plane. I had a window seat and two empty seats next to me. i out my luggage into the compartment and sit down. I really hope I have no one weird sitting next to me, gosh that would suck. I put in my earbuds and try to fall asleep. As i hear the pilot speaking about how we were about to take off, i glance over and see that no one was sitting in the seats next to me! I know lucky right? I put my legs on the empty seats as i drifted off into a not so comfy sleep.


I woke up to tapping on my shoulder. "Miss we are here" says a flight attendant "Ok thanks" i say as i get up to take my luggage out of the compartment. I finally get out and and find another taxi to take me to a flat. Yes i already bought one and saw the inside. I gave the taxi man my address and he drove there, I was moving to Sidney. Once we got there I looked for my keys and unlocked the door. I walked back out to help the taxi man with my luggage, once we got to the last one I told him thank you and payed him. I closed the door and looked around the flat, this was the first time i've seen this house in real life. The retailer would always Skype me and show me the house. Thank god the house was already furnished! I plopped down onto the couch not bothering to even unpack, i was way to tired and it was late at Sydney anyways.

So how you guys liking it so far?? I'm updating a lot today so you guys can start to actually get an idea of what this story is like. I need some characters to be Amber's friend so comment your name, age and description of yourself! Picking random people! - your girl <3

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