All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


9. The Band


Amber's POV

         "I love you Luke" I say i was so happy and I was almost positive that my cheeks were on fire. He chuckled "I love you too Amber" he says "Why don't we get going, how bout you stay at my place tonight." I thought for a moment what could go wrong? "Alright" i said smiling. He noticed I started to shiver so he gave me his jacket. "Thanks" i said. As we walked home we talked about things that we liked, out favorite bands, and other things like that. 


After we got to Luke's he noticed his door was unlocked, "I guess the guys are home" he says. "The guys?" I say sounding confused. "Yeah" he says as we walk in, I see three other guys on the couch playing Fifa. Luke walked in first and i walked in after as we held each others hands. The guys all looked at e in amazement. "Hey, look Luke's home with a hottie!" one guy says with bright red hair. I started blushing. "Michael shut up" Luke says. "Hey, wait a second your that girl from the store!" another busy says who has brown hair. "Yep that's me" I smiling. "Nice to meet you this is Michael, Calum, and i'm Ashton." Ashton says with his adorable smile, who has the cutest dimples. "I'm Amber" i say "Nice to meet you guys" "You too" Calum says smirking. I could feel Luke's grip getting tighter in my hand. "Anyways" Luke says changing the conversation. "How about we watch a movie" Ashton says.  "I'm up for that" I say. Luke, Michael, and Ashton run off to go get snacks while Calum and I are left in the living room. great. "Soo" Calum says moving closer to me. "Your not from here, are you?" He asks curious. "No, how did you know?" i ask "You accent, quite easy to tell" he says chuckling. "Oh, i'm from California, my parents made me move out since i was 18." i explained. "Cool" he says i laughed. "So is Luke your boyfriend or something?" he asked "Yeah actually, I live right next door, that's how we met." "Oh" he says frowning. Does he like me? Wow. After what felt like an eternity the boys came back and Ashton put in Finding Nemo. "YESS" Michael says "That's my favorite movie" Calum says. I just nodded while looking at the TV. 


I ended up falling asleep during the movie because it was really quiet, besides Ashton chewing loudly on purpose.


Luke's POV

I saw that Amber fell asleep on my chest while snoring a little. She was just so cute. I signaled the boys that I would be going to sleep upstairs as i carried Amber into my room. I put her down and we both fell asleep in each others arms.

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