All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


30. Sam & Colby

Amber's POV

       "I'm so sorry, let me help you up." Says a guy who I can't clearly see because of all the tears in my eyes, everything was blurry. "T-t-thanks" I stuttered. I then looked up. "Woah what happened? Why are you crying?" A guy with brown hair and hazel eyes says. "R-realtioship p-problems" I sighed taking breathes in between. "Oh, I know how you feel.." He says while we started into each others eyes. He made me feel safe, just like Luke did. 

      Another guy comes down the hall and yells "COLBY, I GOT US LUNCH! COME HERE" a blond boy yells. "Jesus, stop screaming" the brown haired guy says. "Ok so I got us pizz-" The blond boy says but stops after he sees me.

      "Who's this?" He asks as he looks me up and down. "Well I don't really know" The brown haired boy says smirking a little at me. I giggle "I'm Amber, and you are?" I ask "I'm Sam" the blond boy says. "I'm Colby" the brown haired boy says. "Nice to meet you guys" I say smiling. "You too" they say in unison. 

"Well I'm hungry." Sam says "Same" Colby says "Well do you guys wanna eat in the cafeteria?" I ask, since I have nothing else to do. "Of course" Colby says smiling. 


      We got to the cafeteria and sat down at the table I was originally at. We got a couple of stares from people, but I got a death glare from Luke. I talked to Sam and Colby and laughed a lot on purpose just to make Luke jealous. But all in all I did have a pretty great time with Sam and Colby, turns out they are really funny and pretty smart guys. But the whole time I could feel Luke staring at me. Why was he looking at me now? When he couldn't take his eyes of of Brooklyn earlier. Weird..


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