All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


39. Ouch

Amber's Pov:

      "Colby what are you doing??" I asked rushing after him while Ashton was trying to hold me back. Colby then rushed up to Luke and punched him straight in the face. "COLBY!" I screamed. "Amber stop! You're gonna get hurt!". I sprinted in between Luke and Colby and the last thing I could see was Luke's face behind a fist that was going toward my face. Then black.

Ashton's Pov:

      As soon as I said that it was Luke's fault I knew I fucked up big time. I saw Colby running toward Luke in anger which I knew was bound to start something. I grabbed Amber's hand holding her back. "Colby what are you doing??" She asks terrified and still crying. Colby ran faster toward Luke then gave him a surprise with his fist. Shit. "COLBY!" Amber screamed. She loosened out of my grip and started running toward Luke. "Amber stop! You're gonna get hurt!" I yelled. At the end of that sentence she was out like a light from a punch that was thrown by Luke at Amber. "YOU ASSHOLE LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" Colby screamed at Luke's face. "IT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU DIDN'T THROW A PUNCH YOU IDIOT!" Luke screamed back.

Luke's Pov:

     I heard Amber yell something from the kitchen so I got up and turned around to see a furious Colby running toward me. Next thing I knew his fist was in my face. What the fuck, he did not just, oh lord help me now. I took my fist and was aiming for Colby's head closed my eyes, and swung my hand as hard as I could toward what I thought was his head. I heard a thump. I opened my eyes to see silence and Colby still standing up. I looked down to see Amber on the floor with a bloody nose. Oh shit. "YOU ASSHOLE LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" Colby screamed at me. "IT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU DIDN'T THROW A PUNCH!" I screamed back. I can't believe he was blaming me for this when he was the one who started it. Oh yeah.. I kinda knocked my ex girlfriend out.... Whoops.


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