All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


29. Ok?


Amber's POV

          The first day of school, new school, new me? Nope. As I said Luke and I met by my locker. I invited Ashton as well. I saw Luke walk up to my locker with Ashton and-? 

"Hey Luke" I say smiling. "Hey babe" he gave me butterflies when he said that, and to top it off he gave me a quick peck on the lips.

       "Well hello to you to Amber" Ash says as he approaches with a girl he's side hugging, who I assume is his new girlfriend? "Hi Ash" I say giggling at him comment. "This is girlfriend." he says to me while gesturing toward the girl with brunette hair that went to just above her butt, and her blue eyes that were similar to Luke's. "Hi Brooklyn, i'm Amber! Nice to meet you I say holding out my hand. "Most people call me Brooke" she says not accepting the handshake. "Ok..." I say mumbling a little. "Well Luke has to show me around the school so we have to get going, sorry Ash. Nice meeting you Brooke." I say, I then look at Luke who was dumbfounded by Ash's girlfriend. "ehm" I cleared my throat trying to get Luke's attention to leave but he refuses. 

       "Um, Luke?" I say a little worried "Hmm" Luke says to me not responding clearly. "Are you ok? You're practically drooling..." I say a little disappointed, while looking down. "Oh don't worry hun, he was always like this back then..." Brooke says. "Back then?" I ask worriedly "Didn't he tell you?" She asks I stayed quiet but looked at Luke who was as red as a tomato. "Luke?" I ask "Well, um, Amber this is my, e-ex. Brooklyn" I just stood there quietly. "Well now you know! By the way I still have some of your shit that you need to pick up from my place" Brooklyn states as Luke turns even more red. "Luke are you fucking serious?" I say angrily. "What?" "Why didn't you tell me?" I say frustrated with his answer. "Because you never asked.......?" He says unsure of his answer. "I knew this was a mistake" I say angrily while I walked away angrily as tears sat on my eyelashes.


       The day went by quickly Luke and I did't really talk to each other, but we made eye-contact a few times. I sat alone at lunch because Ash was taken by his snobby ass girlfriend and Luke didn't even care that I was sitting alone. I scanned the lunchroom for Luke and Ash and found them sitting by a couple other guys. Including Michael, Brooklyn and of course Calum. I saw from left to right it was Ash, Brooke, Luke, Michael, and Calum. I thought about how Luke was sitting next to Brooke. I picked my phone up and texted Luke:

Me: We're through :/

Luke: *typing*

Luke:*No reply*

"No response" I sighed, thinking that all of this was supposed to be some sick joke that he never really loved me? So many questions were running through my mind, but I would never get an answer to one of them. I started questioning if I should move back to California and sell my flat here. I threw my lunch out and ran out the cafeteria and started to cry. I could't see where I was going until I bumped into someone.


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