All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


14. I'm sorry


Amber's POV

     It's been a week since I haven't seen Luke so I decided to go and visit him of course I texted him, which yes i eventually gave him my number but he's been so distant. I've gotten closer to Ash and he is like a brother to me now. Michael and Calum have became my best friends as well. Today was the day I decided to visit him. I decided to dress simple so I put this on and some nude colored vans.

I took a quick shower, curled my hair, and put natural makeup on. I then walked downstairs and found something to eat, it wasn't much but a granola bar and some orange juice because I wasn't feeling that hungry. After I checked Twitter and Instagram I got my phone, keys to lock my flat and walked out the door. It didn't take long to get to Luke's all I had to do was walk around the corner and the your there. 


I got to Luke's and knocked, and waited. No one answers, that's weird. I knocked again but louder. No one answered again. I turned the knob noticing that the door was opened....Luke never leaves his door unlocked. Oh no.

"Luke?" "Hello??" I keep asking but no one answers. I walk upstairs "Luke????" "Hellooo??" I keep asking. Still no answer, where the hell is he? I walk up to his bedroom door and peek through I see him and, wait what? OH HELL NO! I push the door open and it slams on the other side of the wall. I see another girl in bed. With Luke. NAKED! "LUKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" I see the other girl turn around and smirk at me. "u-u-h, babe-" he says "Don't you babe me! You better have a good explanation for this!" "I-I-I" he says "What the hell is wring with you, I don't see you for a week and your already fucking another girl, you, ugh" I say staring him right in the eyes. I storm out the door trying to cry. 


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