All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


6. Her

    Luke's POV

I heard my doorbell ring. I wasn't expecting anyone, let's see. I walk up to the door and look through the hole. It was the girl from the store! I got nervous, what is she doing here? I opened the door I looked at her up and down she did the same to me. "Hey it's you!" i said. "Yup" she says popping the p sound. She was so beautiful her blond hair sat perfectly on her shoulders and her eyes were beautiful. "Please, come in" I say. "Thanks" she says. I nod, I was about to go into the kitchen "Oh here" she says handing me a gift. "Thanks!" I say and i walk into the kitchen gift in hand. She is gorgeous, she's perfect, I need her number I thought. I walk back into the living room with tea, I hand her one. "Thanks" she says. I broke the silence by saying "My name's Luke by the way" "Amber" she says smiling. I smile at her name. "Amber, that's a pretty name" I say she looks down. "Thanks" she says after a while of talking and laughing she says "I should get going" "Oh ok" is all I could say, I didn't want her to leave. "Wait," I say, now's my chance. "yes?" she says "C-can I have your number?" i stuttered but managed to get out. Why was i so nervous around her? "Sure" says. YES! i felt butterflies in my stomach. She typed in only 3 of the digits, what? "What about the rest?" I asked confused. "Gotta earn em" she says. This girl is playing hard to get.....I like it. "How?" i ask.  She looks at my me then says "You'll figure that out" she says then left. Oh gosh.


I then thought of a plan to get the rest of Amber's number. I texted the Calum, even though it was a little late.

L- Hey, remember that girl at the grocery store we saw today?

after about a minute Calum responded

C- Yeah why? Did you already sleep with her? Come on Luke.

L- No,no,no. She lives next me and she came over.

C- Ok? Great job?

L- Calum listen to me man, she gave me only 3 digits of her number and she told me I would have to earn the rest of them. NOW HELP ME BRO

C-ok, ok, ok, geez calm down. Ok how about you go over there tomorrow and take her out to shop or something. Or you could giver her a tour around Sydney.

L- Great Idea, thanks Cal

C- No problem bro

*end of convo*

I put my phone down and went to sleep. Amber just wouldn't escape my mine. I need to make her mine.

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