All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


12. Dallas

Amber's POV

     After the shopping experience we ended up going to Luke's house after and hung out with the guys. 

"MICHAEL GET OFF OF ME!" Calum said trying to get Michael off himself. I just sat there and laughed the whole time with Ash and Luke. 

"Mmmmm, no thank-WOAH" Michael said getting pushed off the couch by Calum. By this i was pissing my pants of laughter. After everything got settled again i went to the bathroom. "Hey Luke, where's your bathroom" I asked because I didn't really know his house too well yet.

"Go down the hall, and it's the first door to you left." He stated "Thanks." I went down the hall and found the bathroom so I went in.


After a while of hanging out with the guys and Luke i got a little tired.

I yawned, "are you tired?" Luke asked I gave him a look that said maybe..... 3 minutes later i almost passed out on the couch again so I decided to leave and not bother anyone. "Alright guys i'm going to hit the sack" i say while walking towards the door, I then heard Luke say "Can I come with you?" He asked smirking, i shook my head "Unless you want to actually sleep, then no" i say he fake frowned, even though I knew what he meant by 'Can I come?' I then walked out the door and went into my house and fell asleep.


"NO! Get away from me Dallas!" "Your not going to get away form me again!" Dallas said while smiling evilly. He then pushed me up against a while and started to choke me i tried getting away but he wouldn't budge, he was to strong from me. So then I sunk under him just enough for my knee to reach his balls. I then kicked him and he finally let go and fell to the ground while holding the area i kneed."DON'T TOUCH ME DALLAS" I said while kicking him. When I was done i turned around but he then caught my foot and held onto it so i couldn't move. "Let go of me!" i say "I told you... your, ah, not.. getting away." He managed to get out still in pain. He finally got up and looked at me with pure anger his eyes, he way inches away from my face and i could see him pull something out of his pocket. A knife. I looked shocked at the knife, and he slowly pulled it closer, and closer to me. I was shaking at how scared I was. He put the knife at my neck and kept if there "Why did you break up with me? I loved you Amber didn't you love me?" he asked. "I-I-I u-u-sed to love you until fucking abused me" I stuttered at first but then yelled at him. "Aww i'm sorry babe." "DON'T CALL ME BABE YOU ASSHOLE!" I yelled even louder then spat in his face "You disgust me." His grip got tighter and then he cut my neck and let me bleed there as he kicked me constantly. I was just laying there on the concrete floor waiting for someone to help me but no one did.

I then woke up and realized I was sweating and shaking at the same time. "It's just a dream, it's only a dream" i said trying to calm myself but it wasn't working. After a little while i eventually calmed down trying to get that flashback/Dream i had. "It's only a dream, just a dream, he's not coming back" I said to myself.


Or is he?

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