All I need is you

When Amber's world flips upside down after she moves to Australia on her own. She meets a boy who catches her eye. Who is it? None other than Luke Hemmings. What happens next? Read to find out!


28. A/N

OMG! DON'T KILL ME PLEASE! I know I haven't updated since... I don't even know. That's not a good thing, don't get mad at me pls... School has just been hard, been getting a lot of essay's lately and lot's of homework, and IT JUST SUCKS! I will try to be updating as often as I can... I also have some big news!!! We've got ourselves another author! So go follow her as well! Her username is: G_Dicristofano. Anyways thanks for all the support I love you guys soooo much! Remember to comment, like, and favorite! Love you & Stay Beautiful!- Your girl <3 <3

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