The Dreamcatcher Saga: Book 1

One day as sixteen-year-old Emera is walking home, she discovers a beautiful dreamcatcher woven with straw and Bluejay feathers hanging from it. That night she hangs it above her bed, not knowing that it has a strange curse...
When she wakes up, she is in a meadow. Little does she know she is dreaming. And she is in a world called Dreamcatcher Isle, a world where strange and beautiful demons called Dreamcatchers live, and these demons are trapped in their own individual dreamcatcher, doomed forever to live in the dream world. Their only contact with humans being those who happen to hang the object above their bed.
When Emera meets her Dreamcatcher in her dream, she thinks that she must be dreaming, but she calls out to him. He notices her, and the first thing he does is tell her his name.
This is the ultimate love story!
-Girl Of Fyre
Cover credit: DanielleCullen


6. Chapter 6 Emera's pov

I allow him to take me through the gate. and I look around at all the people - wait, correction: the dreamworld villagers - bustling about, doing morning chores and shopping and stuff. 

We passed a window, and Weasel was looking out, eating candy. I looked away, scooting a little closer to Kitchako.

We reached Kitchako's house, and we went inside. His brothers were playing a game of checkers.

Grinshil looked up and grinned. "Well, well, little bro. You decided to bring the girl back, huh? Just can't get enough of her yelling at you?" 

I blush, and Kitchako grinds his teeth. Jim just looks around, eyes wide and innocent.

Kitchako pulls me up the stairs to his room. He tells me to sit in the recliner in the corner. I sit.

He sighs and sits on his bed. "Emera. I want you to be nicer to me. Please. Or you can just throw the dreamcatcher away, if you want to get rid of me." 

I sigh as well. "Kitchako... I... you're not as bad as I thought. And there is something I need to tell you." I tell him about the dream I had at school, what happened before, and the effect the dream had.

When I finished, he looked worried. 

He shakes his head, whispering, "No... no, it can't be..." His eyes are wide.

"What?," I demand. "What is it?"

He looks up. "You will find out when you're ready to know."

I frown, about to yell at him, but then I see his concerned, serious face, and I decide to let it go. 

He gets up and opens a drawer of the desk in the corner, rummaging around. He pulls out a photograph. 

He hands it to me. "Do you recognize this?", he asks. I look at it, and see a person. No wait... 

I gasp. Whatever it was had a white face, big completely black eyes, and a huge, evil grin with sharp teeth. It had on a green cloak with a red symbol. 

But my gasp was from fear. But he hadn't heard me, so I hand him the picture and say I do not know what it is. He just nods in approval. 

"Good. You haven't seen it yet. But when you do, I will tell you everything you have wanted to know."

I just look at him. He comes over to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. "You okay, Emera?", he asks. I nod, then realize I'm shaking. He takes my hand and leads me downstairs into the kitchen, ignoring Grinshil's snickering as we pass his brothers. Gently pushing me down on a chair in the corner, he goes over to the oven. He opens it, and pulls out a tray of chocolate chip cookies. Putting some on a plate, he comes over to me, handing them over. 

"Eat these", he says. "They will calm you down."

I take a bite, then smile. The chocolate melts in my mouth. I grin at him. "These are delish, Kitchako", I say. He smiles ack. "Well, you can have them whenever you come here." 

I get up, wiping crumbs off my nightgown. "I wanna explore the village," I say. Kitchako grins and leads me out the door. I follow him, putting the leftover cookies on the counter for Jim. I have a soft spot for little ones.



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