The Dreamcatcher Saga: Book 1

One day as sixteen-year-old Emera is walking home, she discovers a beautiful dreamcatcher woven with straw and Bluejay feathers hanging from it. That night she hangs it above her bed, not knowing that it has a strange curse...
When she wakes up, she is in a meadow. Little does she know she is dreaming. And she is in a world called Dreamcatcher Isle, a world where strange and beautiful demons called Dreamcatchers live, and these demons are trapped in their own individual dreamcatcher, doomed forever to live in the dream world. Their only contact with humans being those who happen to hang the object above their bed.
When Emera meets her Dreamcatcher in her dream, she thinks that she must be dreaming, but she calls out to him. He notices her, and the first thing he does is tell her his name.
This is the ultimate love story!
-Girl Of Fyre
Cover credit: DanielleCullen


4. Chapter 4 Emera's pov

"I'm coming..... coming..." These words were all around me like an echo. i was in a forest, turning in every direction, trying desperately to find the source. "Well, what do you mean you're coming?", I yelled out. When I didn't get an answer, I was even more scared. I started to run, my Nikes kicking leaves into the air as they hit the ground. My dark hair bounced against my waist, and I heard a cackling in the air. "I"M COMING!!!"

My eyes flew open, and I was breathing hard. I saw I was in a bed, with white walls around me. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was in the nurse's office. As I looked around, I saw the worried faces of Jason, Daila, the nurse, and about three administrators. I heard voices outside, and I realized that other students were waiting, worried.They must have not been allowed to come in, so they decided to wait out in the hall.

When Daila saw that I was looking around, she started babbling.

"What was that?! We were so worried and scared! What caused that? How... how...." For once, she was speechless.

I didn't answer. Instead, I slowly moved my fingers, then turned my wrist. No pain. I bent my elbow. No pain. I was absolutely unharmed. Confused, I sat up, whispering, "But... but... I was hurting so much..." I stared at my lap, confused and dazed.

Jason lifted my chin up, and looked in my eyes. I just looked at him. He dropped his hand.

"She seems to be in some sort of trance", he said. "She doesn't seem like she is aware of anything."

I stared at the wall. 

The nurse came up to me, staring intently at my face, studying me. "Honey, can you hear me? What is your name?" 

I just looked down at my lap, then back at the nurse. 

"Her name is Emera," Daila said.

That snapped me out of it. I jumped up and grabbed Daila and Jason in a hug. "What happened?! Why am I here?"

Daila slipped away gently, and Jason backed up a little. Jason put hishands on my shoulders. "Emera. You were in tons of pain. You were screaming. I brought you here. But now that we know youre okay..." he backed up, tears in his eyes. Which was unusual for him. But so is talking in more that a couple of words. I must have really scared them.

"I - I'm sorry, guys! Please don't cry!", I grabbed them in another hug, and the three of us stayed in an embrace until we heard the nurse clear her throat. "Okay, you three. Time for you to go back to class. And Emera, if you feel any abnormal pain at all, come here right away." I nod as me and my friends walk out. 

When we walked through the door, we were greeted by many kids, all asking if I was okay and what happened. Daila saw my discomfort from all the questions, and she helped me by pushing a path through the crowd for me. Jason was behind us.

As we neared me and Jason's class for this period, Daila waved by and ran off to her class. I took a deep breath and opened our classroom door, and we walked in, sitting at our usual table in the back. 

Time for Bio class. 




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