The Dreamcatcher Saga: Book 1

One day as sixteen-year-old Emera is walking home, she discovers a beautiful dreamcatcher woven with straw and Bluejay feathers hanging from it. That night she hangs it above her bed, not knowing that it has a strange curse...
When she wakes up, she is in a meadow. Little does she know she is dreaming. And she is in a world called Dreamcatcher Isle, a world where strange and beautiful demons called Dreamcatchers live, and these demons are trapped in their own individual dreamcatcher, doomed forever to live in the dream world. Their only contact with humans being those who happen to hang the object above their bed.
When Emera meets her Dreamcatcher in her dream, she thinks that she must be dreaming, but she calls out to him. He notices her, and the first thing he does is tell her his name.
This is the ultimate love story!
-Girl Of Fyre
Cover credit: DanielleCullen


3. Chapter 3 Emera's pov

I sat up fast, breathing hard. I remembered the dream clearly. I had met a boy, he took me to eat at his home, and then I got mad. It didn't feel like a dream, though. it felt so real.... I looked up at the dreamcatcher, and it all came crashing down.

Kitchako is a real person. He is trapped in the dream world. And he is called a Dreamcatcher, named after the object he was cursed with.

I had to be going crazy.

"Emera! You need to get ready for school!", Mother called out. I sighed and dressed into a black vneck tee that said "MESS WITH ME AND DIE", dark skinny jeans, and my black Nike tennis shoes. I pulled on my favorite leather jacket, and ran a brush through my dark hair.

Grabbing my backpack, I sped down the stairs, grabbed an apple, and ran out the door. I hurried the two blocks to my bus stop, where my friends Jason and Daila were waiting, along with the usual kids who have this stop. 

"Hey guys", I said cheerfully. Jason gave me his amazing smile, and Daila hugged me. 

"Guess what, guess what, guess what?" She said excitedly, bouncing up and down like she was 5 instead of 16.

"What?", I asked, grinning. 

"I got a puppy! A husky puppy! We named him Blizzard!" She took out her Galaxy phone and scrolled through her pictures, until she came to one of a little husky puppy. It was the most adorable thing.

"Wow. He is so adorable. Where did you get him?", I asked.

She beamed. "From the RAL",she said. 

That was when the bus pulled up, and Jason, Daila, and I sat in our usual seat in the back, me in between them.

Daila showed Jason the picture, and he smiled and nodded. He doesn't like to talk much, but he is one of the best friends you could ever have.

I took out my Iphone and went to the picture of Cocoa. "Have you seen my puppy?', I asked.

Daila nodded. "Yeah, you showed me the video, remember?" 

"Oh yeah", I said. 

The bus pulled up to school, and we waited until everyone else got off, and then the three of us walked towards the school, the strong wind blowing our hair. I smiled up at the sun. 

As we walked inside, we went to our lockers in the elective hallway. Mine was decorated with a black-framed mirror, a Nirvana poster, and a calender on nocturnal creatures. Jason's liked his without decorations, and Daila had hers covered in sequins, glitter, and pink.

We grabbed our books. Daila and I walked towards our first class, waving at Jason as he went to his, which was across the school. Daila made a disgusted face as we walked into Mrs. Coral's math classroom. This was Daila's least favorite class, partially because of the fishtank that needed cleaning, but mostly because Mrs. Coral was probably the meanest eacher out there, not to mention the dullest. She usually drones on about nothing, and when we don't listen, she gets mad and punishes us who don't manage to look like they're listening, even though she wasn't talking about the lesson.

I guess it could be my least favorite class too, but gym is the class i really hate. Volleyball, ugh!

We went to our seats in the back and instead of talking like we usually do while waiting for the bell, we were quiet. There was just nothing to talk about, really.

My mind went back to Kitchako. How did he get trapped in the dreamworld? Why did the dreamcather curse him? And why was he named after it? Why does he need to keep the answers to these questions a secret?

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Mrs.Coral yelled, "Emera!!! Did you hear me? I asked you what is the answer to the equation 4 - x = 8?"

I counted fast in my head, calculating the numbers and variables in about ten seconds.

"It is 4", I answered. Yeah, I'm a math nerd.

Mrs. Coral nodded in approval and turned to another student.

Daila leaned over and whispered in my ear, "At least she is teaching a leasson, instead of talking all class about how great her husband is." 

I made the mistake of giggling. Mrs. Coral whirled around to face me, her eyes flashing. "Ms. Emera, would you be so kind as to share the joke you're laughing at?"

I made my eyes wide in an innocent manner. "No, ma' am. I just was laughing at something in my head." The other students stifled snickers. That shows how much they hate Mrs. Coral. They love how easily I can convince her.

Mrs. Coral sighed and went back to working out an equation on the board. 


When the lunch bell rang in class 3, which I had with Jason, we jumped up, grabbed our phones and lunches, and went to the courtyard, where there was always well-kept grass and ten picnic tables. We sat at what we call "our" table, because it is the one me, Jason, and Daila sit at every day. A few minutes afer we sat down, Daila came up, practically bouncing. She sat on the other side of the table, across from me and Jason. She never wants to sit next to us. She seems to like a lot of space.

She bounced in her seat, excited. "Okay, what is it?", I demand. "C'mon, spill."

She beamed. "I got accepted into the school play! You know, the one they decided to make like Romeo and Juliet, but with different characters? I am going to be Jamie, who is basically Juliet!" 

I stared at her, my eyes wide as saucers. Jason snickers at my look. 

He nudges my side with his elbow, and I snap out of my surprise. "I'm so happy for you, Daila. But nobody ever gets a lead role except for Anna and Genna." Anna and Genna are the most popular girls in school, but they are bullies to the less popular kids, and ignore the underclassmen. 

Daila shrugged. "I don't know how I did it. In the tryout, I was sure I wouldn't be accepted in ANY role. But I must have been a good actor, because I was accepted. But I don't know how I got a lead....." She chews on her Skittles thoughtfully.

I sigh and bite into my ham sandwich. Jason eats his cheeseburger, reading Percy Jackson And The Olympians. I never did understand how he could be so obsessed with that series.

I look up as a shadow falls over me. 

Of course, it just HAS to be Maria. She is always following me around. I try to be nice to her since she has no friends, but it can be hard when she is always trying to be where I am.

I force a smile. "Hey, Maria. How are you?"

She smiles, her green eyes happy beneath her huge glasses. Her pink braces shine in the sun. Her clear skin is the only feature that can be complimented. She NEVER has a single zit. I sometimes wish I knew her secret.

"Uh, well. I was wondering if you could help me with this math problem." I just looked at her. She was also a straight-A student. Why would she need help with math?

I recover and nod, forcing a smile. She hands me the paper, and I work it out, then scribble down the answer. She grins and runs off. 

I turn to my friends, quietly finishing my ham sandwich. The bell rings, and as we were walking across the grass, a sudden, painful pounding sounded in my head. I cried out, dropping my stuff to the ground to put my hands on my ears. The pounding then went from my head to my entire body, and I was on the ground, yelling out and writhing, trying to get away from the pain. I thought I felt Jason carrying me, but I was in too much pain to notice. It was unbearable. I didn't think I could take it anymore. But then, I blacked out.


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