The Dreamcatcher Saga: Book 1

One day as sixteen-year-old Emera is walking home, she discovers a beautiful dreamcatcher woven with straw and Bluejay feathers hanging from it. That night she hangs it above her bed, not knowing that it has a strange curse...
When she wakes up, she is in a meadow. Little does she know she is dreaming. And she is in a world called Dreamcatcher Isle, a world where strange and beautiful demons called Dreamcatchers live, and these demons are trapped in their own individual dreamcatcher, doomed forever to live in the dream world. Their only contact with humans being those who happen to hang the object above their bed.
When Emera meets her Dreamcatcher in her dream, she thinks that she must be dreaming, but she calls out to him. He notices her, and the first thing he does is tell her his name.
This is the ultimate love story!
-Girl Of Fyre
Cover credit: DanielleCullen


2. Chapter 2 Emera's pov

I was walking down the street towards my house, the nippy wind whipping my hair around me. I was a couple blocks from home. The chilly air nipped at my skin. I walked a little faster, ready to be rid of the cold.

I had just gotten home from a birthday party for my friend Diana, and it was late. According to my iPhone, it was almost nine. I should've been home by now, and it was dark.

Just as I was about to turn to my street, my foot caught on something. I looked down, curious in nature. In the dark I could see the faint outlines of a circular object. I bent down and picked it up, holding it in front of me in the streetlight.

A dreamcatcher. It was woven with straw and had beautiful Bluejay feathers hanging from the bottom. It was so pretty, I just had to take it home!

I ran the rest of the way, bursting through the door to the kitchen where Mother was cooking dinner for her and I.

You may be wondering about Daddy. He died a couple years ago on my fourteenth birthday. It was the worst birthday of my life. He died from an unknown cause. We had called him to come down from his office, but he wouldn't answer, so we went upstairs to check on him. We... we found him on the floor, already dead. I still miss him, and a hole in my heart that formed after his death still brought me a lot of pain. 

But it was even worse for Mother. She cried every night, her heart broken. I just wasn't as close to him as she, although I do miss him terribly. 

Mother glared at me when she looked up from the soup she was making. 

"Emera! You said you would be back by eight. It is almost nine!"

"Mother, I'm sorry. I-I just didn't expect Jason to dance with me that long." Jason is my best friend.

Mother's face softened. "What you got there?", she asked, pointing at the dreamcatcher I had found. My face brightened.

"It's a dreamcatcher! And look at the feathers! Isn't it beatiful?!" Mother smiled and reached out to brush her fingers along the soft feathers. 

"Yes... very beautiful", she murmured in a dreamlike tone. Then she straightened up. 

"All right. Time to eat," she said. I looked into the pot, then wrinkled my nose. It was Mushroom Soup. I hate it.

I groaned in annoyance. "Mother, do we have to eat THIS?!"

She waggled her finger at me. "Now, now. You have to eat it whether you like it or not. Now go sit down." I dragged my feet to the table and sat down, sulking in my seat. Mother placed a bowl of the rancid liquid(okay, I'm exaggerating. I do have quite a bit of sarcasm) in front of me, and she went to get her own. I then heard a whining beside me. 

i looked down to see Cocoa, my sweet little Jack Russel puppy. I laughed in spite of the situation.

'No no, Cocoa. You cannot eat soup." He looked up at me with hopeful eyes. I smiled and patted his head, then turned back to my soup. "Might as well get it overwith" I muttered. I started to slowly put the soup in my mouth, wrinkling my nose at the smell of mushrooms.

When I was finished, I went upstairs to go to bed. Cocoa followed me up, still hoping for for food. I held out my dreamcatcher, admiring it again. Then I hung it above my bed, turned the light out, and went to sleep....


I awoke to a bright light in my eyes. And the feeling of grass under me. I sat up fast, and once my eyes adjusted, I realized I was in a meadow. And I could see a village up ahead. I wasn't dreaming, that's for sure. So... where am I?

As I was trying to figure this out, I noticed a teenage boy walkig in the distance.

"Hey!!! You there!", I call out. "Where am I?!"

He turns towards me, and I could see his mouth twitching at the sides, like he was trying to stop from grinning. He started towards me. 

Now that he was closer, I could make out his features. He had dark hair that was thick and shaggy. His blue eyes were a sky blue. He had full lips, and was wearing a strap across his bare chest that connected to a bag with a sword. He had worn out jeans, and his feet were bare.

When he was a few feet away, he paused, as if he was a little afraid of me. Of course he was. I am a stranger, and I was on his land, an unknown person. I would be scared too.

"Where am I?", I called out.

"My name is Kitchako", he says.

I snorted. "Good to know. Now, I will ask you again, Where Am I?"

"You are in Dreamcatcher Isle. In the dream world."

I laughed in disbelief, then whirled around and started to stalk the other direction. "I'm not around for jokes. I'm going to find my own way home."

He grabbed my arm. I looked up at him, about to yell at him, then stopped when I saw his eyes.

"I'm serious," he said in a british accent i noticed for the first time. "You will not be able to go home until you wake up. Listen to me."

I looked down. So he WAS serious... so... I will be back in my room when I woke up. But.. it doesn't make sense...

"It never does for people who come for the first time", Kitchako says. I look up, alarmed. I actually said it out loud!

I sighed. "So, what should I do?"

His mouth twitched at the sides again. Instead of answering, he kept hold of my arm and started to lead me to the village. As we approached the gate, it swung open by itself. KItchako pulled me through. I noticed hundreds of people hustling about, doing their business for the day. As we passed them, they looked at me, curious. I looked down, nervous.

As we passed a young man with greasy blond hair, small eyes, and braces on his teeth, he reached out and brushed his hand along my cheek. I shivered in disgust, scooting a little closer to Kitchako.

When we were a good distance away, the blonde called out, "Hey, Kitchako! Got another girl your'e trying to get with?! Oh wait. It's your FIRST!!!!" He then did a honking laugh.

"Don't worry about Weasel. He is always trying to find a target. He's the biggest, meanest person here. Even his mother can't deal with him', Kitchako whispered in my ear, causing a shiver down my spine. Although it had to do a lot more with Kitchako's breath tickling my ear than disgust of Weasel. 

Now I wouldn't mind this shiver...

No! NO!!! I do NOT like Kitchako! I just met him!

"We're here", came Kitchako's soft voice, snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see a house, and I coud hear a couple of voices coming from inside. Before I could stop him, Kitchako took my hand and pulled me inside, where there was a kitchen. A boy who was smaller but obviously older, about 19, than Kitchako was there, along with a little boy of 6. They seemed to have a resemblance to Kitchako. Brothers, I guess.

Kitchako dropped my hand and pointed to a seat at the table. "Sit", he said. 

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not a dog." But I sat anyways.

Kitchako went over to his older brother and slapped his back, then went to the pot where something was cooking. And it smelled a LOT better than Mother's mushroom soup.

Kitchako set a bowl of penne pasta in front of me. I took my fork and put some of the pasta in my mouth. It even TASTED better! 

After I finished, I wiped my mouth with my napkin and smiled at Kitchako. "You're a good cook", I said. "How did you make this?" He said nothing. 

Ohh, gotta be mysterious, eh? I was tired of him not answering my questions!

I frowned down at the table, frustrated.

"Aww, Kitchako. You got her mad",  his older brother said. 

That was it. I snapped.

"WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH YOU GUYS!!!", I screamed out, causing them to jump a little. I got up and stalked towards the door.

Kitchako caught up and blocked the doorway. "I'm sorry, Emera, but it's no use. You won't be home until you wake up." 

I gave him he death glare.

When he didn't budge, I stomped to the big room next to the kitchen, obviously a living room. I flopped down on the floor, fuming. 

Kitchako slipped in and sat next to me. "I know it's hard", he said. "It's always like that the first time."

i turned my head away.

"Why won't you answer my questions...?", I whispered. Kitchako sighed. "There are some things you shouldn't know. Not even how I cook so well." 

I sighed, "Wake me up."

'Huh?", he said. 

i turned to him. "I said, wake Me UP."

He shook his head. "You need to wait until you wake up yourself. If someone in this world does, something terrible will happen."

"What?", I demanded.

"I can't tell you that either."

I buried my face in my knees, about to cry. That was when everything started to go black, and the last thing I heard was Kitchako calling my name...




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