The Dreamcatcher Saga: Book 1

One day as sixteen-year-old Emera is walking home, she discovers a beautiful dreamcatcher woven with straw and Bluejay feathers hanging from it. That night she hangs it above her bed, not knowing that it has a strange curse...
When she wakes up, she is in a meadow. Little does she know she is dreaming. And she is in a world called Dreamcatcher Isle, a world where strange and beautiful demons called Dreamcatchers live, and these demons are trapped in their own individual dreamcatcher, doomed forever to live in the dream world. Their only contact with humans being those who happen to hang the object above their bed.
When Emera meets her Dreamcatcher in her dream, she thinks that she must be dreaming, but she calls out to him. He notices her, and the first thing he does is tell her his name.
This is the ultimate love story!
-Girl Of Fyre
Cover credit: DanielleCullen


1. Chapter 1/ Kitchako's pov

I looked around, feeling lonely. "Why do I have to live here the rest of eternity? It's not my fault the curse fell upon me in my mother's womb. It's not my fault I was born a Dreamcatcher. Ugh!" I kick at the grass, my anger overwhelming me.


I look up to see Grinshil, my older brother, coming towards me. When he stopped in front of me, he had to look up. Yeah, I'm tall. Six foot three. But I'm more lean than musclular, the only real effective muscles in my arms. I can throw a really good punch, though. 

At that happy thought, I sighed and asked, "What do you want, Grinshil? And make it quick. I am enjoying my depression."

He grunted, flexed his huge muscles on his limbs(yeah, although he is small, he has muscles all over. Lucky for me, we don't get into any real fights. But one time we did, and let me tell you. A punch or kick from him HURTS ) and held out a glass mirror, showing a teenage girl walking down the street.

"There is a girl walking close to your catcher. If she picks it up..."

I knew what that would mean. She might hang it near her bed, and when she sleeps, she will always come here until she gets rid of the catcher. She will meet me the first time she comes, because she will appear near me. If it is far away from her, it won't be effective anymore. 

But it would be nice to have a new person here to talk to, even if it is just for a few hours each time.

And if she burns the catcher... that would be the end for me.

Smiling, I patted him on the back.

"Don't worry. If she comes here, it would be fun for us to hang out." I put on a thoughtful, musing expression. 

"Plus she's cute", I added.

Grinshil groaned in annoyance. "All you care about is girls you hope would come here. Well, it's not healthy. You need to think about other things."

I sighed and nodded. Grinshil walked off with the mirror. 

I could remember the girl clearly. Dark, dark hair, pretty violet eyes, nice hips, and wearing jeans and a leather jacket. 

Like I said, cute.




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